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FULL-TIME Experience companion for a smart, independent, music-loving 19-year-old with Autism in Park Slope.

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Do you have experience working with young adults who are neurodiverse? Are you looking for a new full-time role where you can really bond with a family and make an impact on their lives daily? Are you a person who loves to be challenged and can keep things running smoothly while remaining patient and collected? A veteran SmartFamily who has perviously worked with us when their son was younger is now looking for a full-time caregiver to join their team on weekdays. Their son is now 19 and living in the garden apartment of their brownstone. They are looking for someone who can spend days with him to act as a coach and guide into his adulthood. He is a neurodiverse young adult with Autism who is verbal, toilet trained, and quite independent with his daily life activities. He loves music and politics. They are experienced employers and have had companions for him throughout the years with whom he has really connected and bonded. Those who have been the best fit have experience with neurodiverse adults and teaching life and social skills. Someone with a lot of patience and who is vibrant and energetic to keep him engaged and happy would be great. This role is perfect for someone who is looking to work with neurodiverse populations while building a strong and long-term relationship. If you are looking for a great guaranteed full-time salary with an experienced employer, plus additional benefits like PTO, paid sick time, a metrocard, and possibly more, this is the job for you!! it's a really great opportunity to make a big difference in this family's life. It's $35-40/hour gross DOE for a guaranteed 40 hours/week, plus benefits! The position will begin as soon as they find the right fit! APPLY TODAY!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone looking for a new full-time role with benefits and an experiences employer. An experience candidate with neurodiverse adults one on one who would prefer to work with and connect with one family and young adult versus multiple clients or families in a group setting or the like. Someone really engaging, consistent, and confident in their skills. Someone bright and energetic who can bond with the young man while helping to build his confidence and social and life skills while making decisions with him in his best interests. Patience is paramount as he can get hyper focused on a negative thought that might not have a basis in truth. The pandemic has been tough for him and before he was back and forth between his parent's two homes (divorced parents), but now he is staying with dad and they are working to build consistency and schedules for him to help with his emotional, social, and mental health.


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 10-6 PM. Some flexibility to assist later or shift scheduling is a plus! They are happy to guarantee 40 hours/week.

About the Children

Young adult, 19 - He is verbal, toilet trained, and is independent in his daily life. More recently in the last year, he has intrusive thoughts (he is being medicated by psychiatrist) that can impact his day to day and mental health. He paces from time to time, going from room to room, talking to himself, he may say things that are a little off - if occurs, one need to tell the parents. He is not aggressive or violent and often gets along really well with his carers. Use used to have more interest in art and drawing, and now that he is home more, he's into computers a bit. At present, he doesn't have a super regulated day, but he is now staying at his dad's place, so they are hoping for more consistency in his day to day. He does best in his day to day If he focuses on one task at a time. He has been doing exercise twice a week and was more active before the pandemic! He's been less social in the last year and a half because of the pandemic and could use more help with his social and emotional skills in the day to day. He loves to read and talk about music and politics. He likes to watch TV and has had some interest in photography and drawing.


Making sure he’s engaged, dressed for the day, following through on activities, and helping him get to those activities. Keeping him safe and monitoring him at all times; really being engaged in the activities with him. Setting up activities with him and for him. Guiding him through his daily tasks and activities while keeping the family in the know and updated at all times. Helping him to cook his meals, tidy up after, keep a schedule, and do his chores. This role is about decision making, companionship, exercising, keeping to a schedule for a meaningful day, and really guiding the young man towards becoming even more independent. Work with him on laundry and other typical tasks an adult his age would be doing from day to day.

Additional Information

Dad, his fiancé, and the young man are all vaccinated. They have no real preference for vaccination as long as their person is being safe, communicative, and thoughtful.

  • Rate

    $35-40/hour gross DOE, plus PTO, guaranteed income, metrocard, and paid sick time


    at least one year.

    Total Hours per Week

    40 hours/week guaranteed

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