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FULL-TIME NANNY: Kind, sweet, and thoughtful new family in Santa Monica with a newborn looking for a loving and proactive nanny.

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Do you love working with newborns and have an affinity for being helpful? Do you love working with new families who've just welcomed their first child? Are you engaging, proactive, and generally a helpful person? Do you also want to be appreciated and valued in your new role?! Would you love an initial commitment of 5-6 months to start?! This job is for you! A fantastic new family in Santa Monica (and very close friend of the network) just welcomed their new baby boy and would love to find a kind, experienced, and proactive full-time nanny to join their team. The parents both work full-time and mom will be home working remotely after her Mat Leave, with dad in and out of the house and office. Their super lovely people and are excited to meet their new partner who will make such a big impact on their lives and their baby's. If you love working with teeny infants and live close to Santa Monica, this one is for you! It's $1000/week gross for 45 hours/week guaranteed including overtime, plus PTO, sick days, a daily 30-minute linch break, and other possible benefits. The position will begin July with an initial commitment through the end of Thanksgiving when the family is going East for the holidays.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

A really helpful person by nature who adores babies would be greta for this role. If you not only have this experience, but want to help two new parents on their journey with their new baby, it's the role for you! They very much believe that it takes a village and value the knowledge and experience that their new nanny will bring to the table. if you are looking for a semi-short-term commitment (July to November 2021), love babies, have a helpful nature, and are a team player who values communications and kind interactions, this is YOUR JOB! Living near or not a terribly far commute from Santa Monica is best, and having reliable transportation is a must. It doesn't hurt if you like to cook, too :)


The core schedule is Monday to Friday from 8:30 or 9 AM to 5:30 or 6 PM. Some flexibility is great. The family is happy to guarantee 45 hours/week to their new nanny and offer a 30-minute break for lunch per day, PTO, sick days, and other possible benefits.

About the Children

baby boy - born June 5! He's a little sweetheart, very new, and just starting to figure everything out.


Working alongside mom who will be working from home to care for the baby. If you are a proactive, caring, and kind person who connects easily with people and really wants to be helpful, then you will thrive in this role! The nanny will be caring for the baby, chasing the baby, feeding the baby on occasion, doing tummy time, putting the baby down for naps, and all the fun things that come along with this. The nanny will be helping with some light tidying like dishes, some meal prep to help mom and dad out, the baby's laundry, etc. when there is time. There will absolutely not be anhpavy cleaning and they're super respectful of boundaries and the person's time.

Additional Information

Mom and dad are both vaccinated and would prefer for their new nanny to be vaccinated, too.

  • Rate

    $1000/week gross with overtime, plus PTO, sick days, a 30-minute lunch break, and other possible benefits


    July to November 2021 to start

    Total Hours per Week

    45 hours/week guaranteed

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