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FULL-TIME NANNY for fun, active, and bi-lingual boy, 2, on the UES with great compensation package and benefits.

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Do you love working with toddlers?! Are you looking to grow with a new family and build a bond over the years together?! Do you love being independent, supportive and super helpful?! Do you have a ton of experience as a full-time nanny to share with a new family?! A thoughtful and kind new family to the network is hoping to find a communicative, responsible, and reliable new nanny for their 2-year-old son. They're looking to build a partnership with their nanny and offer this person a greta role and stability while having stability and consistency for their child and themselves as they grow at work and within their family. The boy is also in school for 3 hours, 2 days/week at the moment, so there is ample opportunity for independent work and other tasks to be done outside of the direct childcare and more mental rest. If you are looking for a new full-time role where you can support a growing and busy family, while balancing child care and independent work, than this job is for you! They are happy to offer a competitive salary of $52,000-64,700/year gross DOE, plus a monthly metrocard, PTO, sick days, personal days for religious holiday observance, the opportunity to travel or stay overnight with additional compensation, and the opportunity for discretionary bonuses each year! It's a great opportunity to join a family that understands the value and importance of professional employment and a professional working environment for their nanny. The position will begin ASAP with interviews taking place right away!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

If you love to engage children thoughtfully and with intention while focusing on their development, you can't go wrong here. They'd love to have someone who can help their little guy meet his milestones while learning as much as he can along the way. He is in a 2s program a few days/week, so someone who can foster educational development and incorporate learning into their days together would be such a big plus! Energy is huge too as he has boundless amounts of energy :) Are you a naturally helpful and supportive individual? Is team player your middle name....or favorite phrase? Again, can't go wrong with this job! They are two busy working parents who carve out as much time as possible to spend with the boy (mom picks him up two days/week from school) and understand that their world can keep on turning as a result of having a wonderfully supportive and helpful nanny on their side. Helping with his laundry and meal prep, tidying after play and keeping the space organized is important as well. As full-time working parents, a few times a year (with notice) they may have heavy work loads, so flexibility to work more hours with additional compensation is much appreciated! They always make best efforts to give notice and make sure their person has space to relax outside of the position as well. Do you like to have some independent time to do your other tasks when the kids are in school? Perfect! He's in school for 3 hours, 2 days/week, so it's the perfect time to catch up on his laundry, stocking the fridge, grabbing some more diapers at the store, or organizing his clothes, etc. It's a rare opportunity when a nanny has time when the kids are not there to get ahead of these tasks and one which can be nice mental and physical recuperation time. Are toddlers your favorite age?! As a 2-year-old, he is right in that phase of energy to the nines and moving all over at all times! Having a nanny who is energetic, active, and can roll around on the floor with him is so important for his development and happiness, so if you love being active and silly it's a great role! With this age also come milestones like potty training, so if you have experience here it's a huge plus. Any chance you speak a second language?! If not, it's ok, but if you do YAHOO! They speak English and French at home, but they welcome any other second languages as as plus in their team.


The core schedule is as follows: M: 830am to 6.30pm T: 8.30am to 4.00pm W: 8.30am to 4.00pm Th: 8.30am to 6.30pm F: 8.30am to 6.30pm Some flexibility to assist additionally with compensation would be great for the few weeks a year when mom and dad are working late. Flexibility to help with the very occasional overnight or travel with the family would be fantastic as well! The family is happy to guarantee 45 hours/week.

About the Children

boy, 2- He sleeps sometimes 4 hours/day. He goes to bed late and rises early. He is in preschool twice/week. Might move to 3 days/week in later June. He speaks French and English! He is super active and a replay fun kid. he loves to be at the park and really play with his people. He is a sweet heart! He's not yet potty trained and does well with new people.


As the family's full-time nanny you would have full charge of the boy during the day and any of the household tasks related to him. While they want the nanny to be fully focused on him, his engagement, and development when together, there are times when he naps or is at school when they can take care of the household side of things. The family respects the boundaries of the relationship and there will be no heavy cleaning or cooking. Overall, the boy's happiness, healthy, and safety are top priorities! Taking him safely to and from school, activities, playdates, the park, appointments, etc. is important. Helping him to achieve his milestones, communicating with mom and dad about those, and being prepared for the next ones coming is paramount. Eventually there will be some guidance needed when it comes to potty training, but for now he is diapers. Helping to prepare his simple meals and ensuring he has a balanced and healthy diet is important. There may be some times when they need an overnight here and there if mom and dad are traveling for work (with notice) or may ask their nanny to travel with them (with notice).

Additional Information

Both parents are vaccinated.

  • Rate

    $52,000-64,700/year gross DOE, plus a monthly metrocard, PTO, sick time, and more.


    at least one year to start, and ideally longer as you build a relationship and they grow their family.

    Total Hours per Week

    45 hours/week guaranteed with overtime

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