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FULL-TIME NANNY/TWO-HOUSE MANAGER with two smart and dynamic kids, 5.5 and 8.5, on the UES with super competitive salary and full benefits.

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Do you love to organize schedules and make sometimes complicated ones work together? Do you love the challenge of managing a busy family and kids, while splitting your time between childcare and independent work when they are in school? Are you a great team player who can take initiative and be independent in the same turn ? A wonderful veteran SmartFamily (read: experienced employer who is offering a competitive salary and benefits for a fantastic person) on the UES is looking for a new full-time nanny to assist their kids in the mornings and after school and manage the shuffle between the parent's households. The nanny will be their right hand and the person really running the show, so if you thrive on turning chaos into organization, creating systems for otherwise lacking situations, and just love your work with and support kids and families then this is your dream job! It's a great role for someone who has this experience managing the day-to-day for a family and taking charge for busy working parents while building strong and close connections with them all. They value the role this person will play in their lives and want to show that within the offering. It's $80-100k/year (~$1500-2000/week gross) for 52.5 hours/week guaranteed, plus metrocard, PTO, sick time off, full healthcare stipend, and guaranteed income. This job has a great salary AND full benefits with room to grow as the years go on in a successful relationship!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

As organization and attention to detail are so important, one should be able to really think ahead based on what they know of the impending day and be on top of it. This is a super type A person's dream job as is it for someone who really thrives in an environment where they are independent, yet communicative. The parents are clear with their expectations, but happy to have someone who can take charge and really execute things on their own or make judgement calls based on a similar shared understanding of their parenting style. In the same vein, if you thrive on consistency and stability, this is a great role. Not only does the family thrive in this environment and strives to keep the boundaries and rules the same between the household, but they are hoping to have someone on long-term for a few years if possible, who can grow with them. They're happy to grow with their nanny and offer incentives for doing a great job and staying. They get that this is what it takes to have someone amazing. A tech savvy person will love this job as they use an app, Cozy, and are quick to text about changes and scheduling if needed. So you've been a nanny and house manager for years and can bring your vast experiences into this role, amazing! It's a great opportunity to show all the skills and strategies you've learned along the way and apply them into a new role for this family. Create a more organized and seamless day-to-day for them!


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 730 AM-6 PM, with flexibility to stay longer on occasion and stay over with the kids if the parents are traveling for work.  They are guaranteeing 52.5 hours/week to their nanny. They may also add on a second after school babysitter to assist in the upcoming school year to cover part of the afternoons and later evenings.

About the Children

Boy, 8.5- Going into third grade and super energetic. He loves to read and is really into power rangers and Spiderman. He plays chess at school and loves robotics and coding. He is a good kid who needs to be directed. He can be a bit lost in his own world and distracted, so he needs more direction. Such a funny and good humored kid. Girl, 5.5- She is more organized and a bit more on top of her own stuff. He is quite the little helper. She is so smart and just so intellectual already. She loves to be nurtured and stimulated at all times. She's also easy going and a bit more of a rule follower and younger sister in that way. She loves arts and crafts! She loves board games and dolls and stuff like that.  


It's part childcare and part household management. The nanny would be working between mom and dad's separate home (about a 5 minute walk from each other), so there is no end to the organization and attention to detail that one should possess and really one that feels most confident possessing! The general days would look like this: Taking care of the kids, taking them to activities, etc. Taking things and being organized to make sure that things are where they need to be between the two households. Being the point person for all organization and scheduling, especially since the kids will be attending two different schools (they may hire a part-time after school babysitter to help in the fall once they know schedules). They have a shared app (Cozy) where all the kids' schedules are and they manage them together. They have chores during the week to get their TV time on weekends. Tracking chores in two households and keeping on top of it.  Then there is the time when the kids are in school, typically from 8-3 PM everyday. This is an independent person's time to thrive! A time when you can get all the organizing and planning for the day and week done. A time to prep meals, plan meals, and do the grocery shopping solo. A person who loves to make a list and tackle that whole list is going to shine and thrive here! It's the best time of the day to be organizing the kids' stuff, their laundry, etc. while they are not there so you can focus on your tasks at hand. It's a mental and emotional breather, while still exercising your brain and achieving the tasks.

Additional Information

The kids split their time 50-50 between mom and dad's house. All adults are vaccinated.

  • Rate

    $80-100k/year DOE, plus metrocard, PTO, sick time off, full healthcare stipend, and guaranteed income.


    at least one year to start, and ideally longer as you build a relationship and they grow their family.

    Total Hours per Week

    52.5 hours/week guaranteed

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