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PART-TIME NANNY: UES family looking for reliable, playful and empathetic nanny for three boys, 5.5, 3, and 1

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Are you interested in a hands-on gig with a family of adventure-loving boys? Looking for a fantastic part-time gig with amazing benefits and a metrocard? We've got the job for you! A SmartSitting family on the Upper East Side is looking for a nanny for their lively set of three boys, ages 5.5, 3 and 1 year old! The schedule is split between 3-day and 2-day weeks, 8 AM to 6 or 7 PM for working days. The boys all have their own schedules, so someone who can stay on top of an ever-changing schedule is perfect for them. The beginning of the day with start with dropping the older boys off at school close by, then hanging out with the youngest, playing with him, and some light cleaning/tidying in any downtime. Afternoons will be picking the boys up, doing any afternoon activities, and helping with meals and evening routine. The family is looking for someone empathetic and loving who will grow with the kids, who love being together and are always up for an activity! Covid-wise, Dad is vaccinated, and the older boys are always masked at school and following strict guidelines. The family would prefer a candidate who has been vaccinated, and are looking for someone close by or a short train ride away. Their ideal candidate is also experienced with boys, good at juggling the varied needs or multiples in different age groups, and above all, able to get on their level and really have a ball with these rambunctious and active boys. The rate for this role is $25-30/hour gross for 100 hours/month guaranteed, plus paid time off, sick days, PTO, and a monthly metrocard! They are looking for someone to start the last week of July who will stick with them through the school year. Don't let this one pass you by - apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal sitter will be someone who has experience with boys and is ready to have fun with them while keeping things disciplined, and who is reliable and on time. Paramount is keeping the kids safe while engaging with them and helping to schedule playdates, taking them out and going on "adventures"! Flexibility is a key player for this family, so someone who is comfortable with a late work night or adjusting the schedule with notice is important. The family would love to grow with their person, so someone who is empathetic, organized, efficient, patient, loving, and caring who is good at relationship building will fit right in. The family would love someone CPR certified, and proficiency in another language or knowledge of the UES spots is a plus!


The parents are divorced, and the core schedule will cover the days where the boys are at Dad's house. This will alternate between 3-day-weeks and 2-day-weeks, with working days going from 8 AM to 6-7 PM. The family can guarantee 100 hours/month, with potential opportunity for overtime/extra hours if the nanny is available!

About the Children

Boy, 5.5 - He's starting 1st grade next year! Slated to begin school right across the street from Dad's house. Likely an 8 or 9 AM start, going until 3 or 4 PM, so he will be gone most of the day. Boy, 3 - Still going to another school close by. Monday and Friday are from 9 to 12, while Tuesday through Thursday goes until 2 PM. Boy, 1 - Because he's younger, he's on a bit of a different schedule than the older boys. This may start to change by fall as his afternoon nap goes away. Right now, he absolutely loves to be with brothers, but is alone in the mornings. He is just learning to walk, so it's important to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble. All three boys are sweet and energetic and love to spend time with each other. Their interests include space, animals, sports, trains, Pokemon, and other classic little boy hobbies. They love to go on adventures and they're all quick learners!


The two older boys will be in school for most of the day starting in the fall, so the family's ideal candidate will do pick-up and drop-off at school (schools are one and seven blocks away), and care for the youngest during the day. The family will also love support with meal prep and bath time with the boys, along with some light cleaning and errands as needed. Both older boys will likely have lunch at school at least 3 days/week, so on those days, will just need snack and dinner once they're home from school.

Additional Information

COVID-wise, Dad is vaccinated. The boys aren’t, but the older ones are masking at school, and following strict guidelines (teachers and staff are also getting tested regularly). The family is still being careful and avoiding crowded public places, and are wearing masks indoors, etc. They would prefer someone who’s vaccinated, but it's not required. There's no need to wear a mask in the house. Ideally, the family would also prefer someone who lives close-by (a short train ride is okay) or has past experience/knowledge of the UES!

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour + monthly metrocard, PTO and sick days


    At least through the 2021/2022 school year with potential to extend!

    Total Hours per Week

    100 hours/month guaranteed

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