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AFTER SCHOOL BABYSITTER: Flexible, organized, and proactive sitter for two creative and smart boys, 6 and 10, in Cobble Hill, includes competitive compensation and benefits.

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Proactive, loving, positive, upbeat, kind, and have a valid driver's license....if this is you, I have the after school position in Brooklyn! A kind and employer-experienced SmartFamily in Cobble Hill is looking for someone energetic, proactive, intuitive, and positive to join their team as they enter into the new school year. They are saying goodbye to their current SmartSitter who bonded so well with the boys, so while they are sad, they are ready for a new adventure! The boys, 6 and 10, are in private school and will be in school this fall, so they are looking for someone who can assist in the afternoons and be flexible to help out during the days on occasion if school is out or someone is sick. They are a very open and communicative family who have experience working with long-term SmartSitters in this capacity, so they get it. They also need to have someone who drives (you can drive their car) as one of the boys is in school in South Brooklyn and may occasionally need to be picked up. They are really kind and supportive people as well, so this isn't one to be missed! It's $25-30/hour gross for 25 hours/week guaranteed! The position will begin the last week of August or after Labor Day with interviews taking place virtually in the weeks to come!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

If you are a positive, upbeat, energetic person who is willing to take initiative and plan activities for the kids (and enjoys this!), you must apply to this role! The kids are so sweet and fun. They had a blast with their last SmartSitter who was always a shining light when she was with them. Are you fun and LOVE being silly with kids? They are hoping to have someone very engaging and super open to connecting with the kids who will build a relationship with the kids this coming school year. Emotional intelligence with experience across both age groups is such an asset to the role. Being a confidante to the both boys as they are getting older and life is changing.  Are you active and energetic? Someone who is flexible and willing to take on new tasks and try new things with the boys; they are really looking to get the boys into new activities and learning about the world around them. Someone super engaging and can come up with creative ways to explore the boy's new interests. Someone athletic who can keep up with them and keep them motivated. Someone who can encourage their outdoor activity more as well. Someone who can take initiative to plan things for them and can be thoughtful with their activities together. They love for their kids to be active and for their sitter to take charge in the planning of both activities and meals. Do you have a background in early childhood education or working with neurodiverse children? While not required, it's certainly a plus and experience that can assist you in this role as the youngest has some behavioral issues that stemmed from the pandemic. It was a hard time on so many emotionally and mentally, so being understanding, patient, and structured is best for him. Do you drive and like to travel on occasion? It's a plus to drive as the boys may need to be picked up on occasion. Also, sometimes they go up to their place upstate and having someone who is open to traveling with them is a plus, but this is not required.


The core schedule for the new school year is Monday to Friday, 230-630 PM, plus a date night. Flexibility to come earlier or stay later depending on school holidays and sick days. They are happy to guarantee 25 hours/week.

About the Children

boy, 10- He is smart and chatty! he's a real firecracker this one and loves to be active! As he gets older, his homework is getting more challenging, too. boy, 6- He loves trains and building. He has some behavioral issues and this is exasperated when he doesn't have as much attention and understanding from his person. He's a good kid and need structure, understanding, and guidance to thrive and excel. They are smart kids who like to have a lot of conversations. They aren't particularly sporty or artsy, but they are active and are creative in their own ways. They like science projects.


As an organized, communicative, and proactive person, you will thrive in this role. If you are someone who enjoys solo work and working directly with the kids to help make the family's work keep moving, you're in the right spot! The SmartSitter will help with meal planning and prep for the kids. Getting them from the bus daily and occasionally driving the family's car to pick them up. Arriving early to tidy the kids' rooms and manage their laundry. Keeping the space tidy and organized, wiping down the counters or tables after prep and meal. Helping with PA projects like keeping track of the kids' supplies and clothes, running neighborhood errands like mail drop off. Facilitating playdates, taking the to activities, or organizing their activities as they are interested in them. Keeping them moving and their schedule going. helping with more homework for the older boy and keeping him on task and organized himself.  At the end of the day, connecting with the kids and building strong bonds with them. The family knows that this role is so important to them and their kids' well being.

Additional Information

Both parents are vaccinated and prefer their new SmartSitter be vaccinated as well since the boys are not yet. Mom is still working from home and dad is now in the office.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross + monthly metrocard and PTO and some paid federal holidays off


    through the 2021-2022 school year and potentially longer!

    Total Hours per Week

    25 hours/week guaranteed

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