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WEEKEND NANNY on UWS and for travel with three school aged academic and fun kids, comes with really competitive guaranteed compensation, PTO, and transportation reimbursements.

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Do you love adventure and getting out of the city on weekends? Are you a creative, organized, and a team player? A veteran SmartFamily is back this year and looking for someone to join their team on weekends with their three kids, 10, 12, and 14, who are all academic and fun kids. They family lives primarily on the UWS, but travels often o Greenwich, CT, and The Hamptons on weekends, so being comfortable traveling is paramount. You would be working alongside mom and sometimes their housekeeper who helps at home with the cooking and cleaning. Their ideal candidates not only have experience with this age group and on long days, but are active, engaging, and communicative team players themselves! Plus, if you are a lover of and experienced in teaching or tutoring math and science (hence the higher rates!) you'll connect even more with the kids. The position will begin in September with interviews taking place asap! It's $35-45/hour gross DOE in tutoring/teaching for 25 hours/week guaranteed ($875-1125/week gross), plus a metrocard, transportation reimbursements, private accommodations, PTO, paid sick days, and paid federal holidays.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Do you love to travel and spend time out of the city? As it's a weekend role and the family spends some weekends either on the UWS, in Greenwich, CT, or The Hamptons, comfort with and availability to travel is paramount in this role. It's a great opportunity to switch things up, get out of the city, and enjoy nature over the seasons! You would be compensated accordingly and have their own accommodations! All transportation and food would be covered as well. You'd come up the Friday afternoon if living in and leave on Sunday, or live out Saturday and Sunday if in the city. Being a strong driver with a valid driver's license, clean driving record, swimming, and loving nature are prerequisites second to none! Are you upbeat, energetic, and creative? You will definitely need energy and a positive personality working with three school aged kids, so if this comes naturally to you, it's even better! A creative mind who can really engage the kids and connect with them is the goal here. The family is looking for someone who wants to be there and wants to bond with them. Are you a team player who works well with others and thrives in a team environment? You'd be working alongside mom, another after school nanny, and their housekeeper to help keep the afternoons and evenings running smoothly. Communication and flexibility is key in this environment as everyone on the team really works together and splits the responsibilities of the afternoon amongst themselves, sometimes switching with someone else from picking up one child to taking the other to their activity or playdate. Someone who can be organized and on top of things, while flexible and communicative will do best in the role. Are you academically driven yourself and have experience tutoring and guiding school-aged kids to success? Being organized with both the learning/homework aspect of the role and the daily and weekly tasks of the position is key. While tutoring experience is not required, it will certainly be a huge asset to the role as they kids academics get more and more challenging with each passing year. Not only is helping them with their daily homework important, but also teaching them good study and time management skills. Preparing them for the next phase of their academic career is so important at this stage of their lives. this would include helping them go online and keeping their schedules and school work planned and managed. A particular interest or experience in tutoring/teaching Math and Science is a huge plus! Do you like to prep meals and meal plan? It's a big plus here for the three kids since they are home on weekends. Someone proficient in the kitchen and tidy will thrive! Nothing too gourmet of course, simple and healthy meals are best.


If in the city, the schedule would be Saturday and Sunday, from 8-8 PM. If out of town and living in with the family, the schedule would Friday evenings to Sunday evenings, and most working hours would be Saturday, 9-10/11 PM, and Sunday, 9-8 PM, with the flexibility to work later on occasion if the parents go out. They are happy to guarantee at least 25 hours/week.

About the Children

Girl, 14- Going into 9th grade this year. She is on the advanced track in math and loves technology, robotics, and coding. She likes to spend time with her nanny and this person is a real confidante for her. Boy, 12- As he gets older, his school work is only getting more challenging. He really needs someone who can support him and help him meet those obstacles and surpass them! He is such a sweetie and can be very sensitive; he is so loving and affectionate. His talent is in his fine and gross motor skills. He has low visual adaptability, so his school modifies the way he does some of his work. He does horseback riding and swimming. He is so imaginative and loves to create stories. He is so attuned emotionally. He gets very attached to people and creates strong bonds with them. Boy, 10- He's a sweet kid who is also very academic and a very funny kid. He is cheeky and has a great sense of humor. He brings a lot of laughter and joy into their home. He is quite athletic and a pure force or nature! He is particularly academic and quite strong in math. He loves to be challenged and have his boundaries stretched in a playful way.


You'll wake up and get the kids ready and fed for the day. You'll plan fun activities for them both outdoors and at home if the weather is bad. The kids are all very athletic and active, so a good and positive energy is a big pus here! Taking the via car or subway to get outside and enjoy their surrounding, going to museums, planning playdates and sleepovers, etc. They prefer to minimize screens as much as possible, but allow the kids some screens time on weekends. All three kids are in pretty academically tough schools and the oldest two may have more homework to complete on weekends, so someone who can assist them in this capacity and continue to keep them on track and organized (really carrying over the plans and strategies from the weekdays) is also paramount on weekends! You will prepare their light breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, though sometimes the housekeeper assists with this. In the evenings, helping with the routine of getting them showered and in bed (all three can do this themselves, but it's important to keep them on task), and being in charge until mom and dad return home. They usually use Saturday night as date night!

Additional Information

At the moment, only their youngest isn't vaccinated, so having a new nanny who is vaccinated is super important for the family!

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    $35-45/hour gross DOE in tutoring/teaching, plus a metrocard, PTO, paid sick days, paid federal holidays, and guaranteed income.


    at least one year

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    25 hours/week guaranteed

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