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PART TIME NANNY: Active, patient, and focused nanny for sweet and inquisitive boys, 8-years-old and 5-years-old, in Peter Cooper Village (guaranteed income, PTO, sick days, and a metrocard!)

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Are you a health-focused nanny looking for a great after-school gig? Looking to spend time with two sweet boys outside? We have the job for you! A new SmartFamily is looking for an after school sitter for their sweet, smart 8-year-old and 5-year-old boys. The schedule would be after school, Monday to Friday from 2 - 6 PM for a total of 20 hours a week guaranteed. They are also happy to offer a metrocard, PTO, and sick days for their new person. The family's ideal candidate would be someone with a health focus who's excited to get outside and get active with the boys. Mom and Dad would like to cut down on screen time, so someone who is creative and can entertain the boys outside is a huge plus! Most of all, the family would like someone who can create routine for their sons and get to know both of their unique personalities. Both boys have big personalities, so Mom and Dad would love a candidate who gets to know them well. COVID-wise, the parents are vaccinated and would prefer someone who was vaccinated.  Rate for this role is $25-30/hour gross, for 20 hours/week guaranteed. They are hoping to have someone start at the beginning of the school year, with interviews to begin ASAP. Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Are you active and energetic? The boys are super playful and always on the move, so someone who wants to play with the kids and is sporty themselves is most ideal. Someone who can give the youngest his space when he needs it (he is more shy than his brother), and get to know both boys and their different personalities would be fantastic, too. A health-minded person who is active and can encourage them to continue to eat nourishing foods would be great. Are you organized and schedule-orientated? Ideally, having someone who can get the boys into a routine is a top priority. The pandemic has not been kind in terms of this aspect of life, so they want to try to get the boys back on track this new school year. A great match would be someone who loves routine and boundaries, is communicative, but can also be flexible within there.  The parents are also a bit different in their parenting styles, as they've admitted. Mom likes to set boundaries and have some freedom, while Dad is a bit more strict and structured. All that said, they are super communicative and work together to do what's best for the kids.


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, 2 PM - 6 PM. Flexibility to stay later or help on school holidays is a plus! They are happy to guarantee 20 hours/week to their SmartSitter!

About the Children

Boy, 8 - He loves his babysitters and his favorite thing to do is hang out with them. He loves to play boardgames with them and just connect with them! He craves their attention. He loves video games and sports, though Mom and Dad are trying to get him not to play as many screen games. He plays baseball and tennis. He can be a bit of an introvert socially with new kids, so he needs more encouragement on this front.  Boy, 5- It takes him a much longer time to warm up to new people. He often hides and is more shy, but eventually gets more used to it. Once he's won over, he is super trusting and plays more. It's been so long since they've had someone, but he is so sweet. He's active and funny. He loves music and is pretty happy-go-lucky. 


Responsibilities will include taking the boys to the playground near home for outdoor activities, setting up playdates, and getting them both into a routine. The trick here is really balancing their needs and personalities which are so different! Though both parents are vaccinated, the boys are still primarily doing activities and playdates outside. Mom and Dad would love the boys to get into some more healthy activities!

Additional Information

COVID-wise, the parents are vaccinated and would prefer someone who was vaccinated. 

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour for 20 hours guaranteed + monthly metrocard, PTO, sick days


    one year

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    20 hours/week guaranteed

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