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SHORT-TERM PART-TIME NANNY: Veteran SmartFamily family looking for mindful, engaging, and experienced nanny for their 6-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy

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Are you a team player who loves to help children learn? Are you looking for a new role that is both short-term and a chance to really bond with a new family (they are truly lovely!) Have experience with children with ASD? Don't miss out on this one! A returning SmartSitting family is looking for a short-term part-time nanny to join in their crew and help their 9-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl get through their home learning as well as engage with them after school hours. They have a SmartTeacher who works with the kids to teach them remotely, and you'd be working alongside them (virtually) to help the kids with school in the mornings each day. The ideal nanny is someone who ideally has experience with children on the Autism spectrum (or is super patient, understanding, and structured,) as well as someone comfortable working alongside Mom and Dad or other helpers at times. The core schedule would be Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 5 PM, as well as Saturdays in the evenings from 4-9 PM. The family is happy to guarantee 33 hours a week as well as a Metrocard, some PTO and paid federal holidays off (or time and a half if you want to work)! A large part of this role will be helping the children during their daily remote lessons, as well as balancing both children during lunchtime and after school for activities, playdate, and overall fun. The right candidate will be working alongside their SmartTeacher to get their assignments in and record classwork, so someone who is comfortable working in educational spaces is a huge plus! As well, Mom would love for the kids to work on tidying up after themselves and awareness of their needs throughout the day, so a candidate who can help aid in and encourage this would be ideal! The rate for this role is $25-30/hour gross for 33 hours/week guaranteed, plus a Metrocard and a guaranteed income! They are looking for someone to start by Labor Day, so don't wait - apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Are you organized and structured? Not only is this generally ideal for the kids, but with their remote learning, it's paramount in keeping them on track and learning! The kids respond so well to this and people who are warm, super engaging, and show that they want to be with them. it's make a world of difference and the days are so much easier as a result of these connections. Your own structure and organization will also help to keep your day feeling smoother and easier between school, lunches, activities, and play time. Additionally, the ideal candidate is someone with experience in working with children with ASD, as well as working alongside parents, paraprofessionals and tutors. The family is looking for someone who is friendly, super communicative, and timely. Someone flexible and easy going, though can keep everyone on track when it comes to their plans is key! If the kids are getting out of hand, they need someone who can step in and take charge in a calm and directed way to refocus the kids. Plus, if you are looking for a short-term commitment because you just don't know what will happen after the holidays, look no further! The family is likely returning to the West Coast for the winter, so they are happy to have someone through mid- to end of November and maybe into December! Finally, if you are looking to create a connection and bond with a family for years to come, this is a great family. They have been working with us for about 6-7 years and still have relationships with their SmartSitters from when the kids were teeny. They are actually some of SmartSittings biggest champions out there in the world. They've continued to be supportive our of our network as a whole and their individual SmartSitters throughout thick and thin. They are truly great people who value their caregivers, teachers, and friends in their lives, and show it all the time! They are great people, employers, and supporters. I can't say enough great things about them.


The core schedule for this position is Monday to Thursday, 10 AM - 5 PM, as well as Saturdays from 4 - 9 PM. The family is happy to guarantee 33 hours a week.

About the Children

Girl, 5- She loves art and is really interested in chess, Minecraft, and numbers right now. They want to include and engage her in ways that connect to what she loves. They are hoping to get her started with reading and learning sounds. She is a sweet kid, but might take some time to warm up to someone new! She loves all the things her big brother loves. Boy, 8- He is on the autism spectrum and has grown so much in the last few years. They continue to see growth when it comes to his social and emotional self, especially through the hard work of mom, dad, and their SmartSitters. He is a smart kid and thrives with structure. He is a good student and loves to be social with his friends. He even has daily FaceTime and Minecraft sessions with them. He has graduated from his OT and is doing well with his executive functioning, though they want to continue to incorporate this into this learning, too!


The kids are in school 10-2 PM daily virtually with their SmartTeacher and the have activities and their down time from 2-5 PM, ideally outside and burning off that energy or doing activities.  The rough daily schedule will be helping both children with their zoom classes on Monday to Thursday whenever they have class, as well as preparing lunch for whichever child is not currently in class. A large part of the responsibilities for this position will be making sure the children are prepared and ready for their classes and checking in with them about their needs during the day. After classes from 2-5 PM would be time spent outside the apartment, nearby parks, classes, finishing up any outside schoolwork, or reading time. A huge plus would be to help the children tidy up as they go along, as well as holding them accountable to clean up after themselves. The parents would love someone to help teach them skills to be increasingly responsible and self-sufficient and manage their time well. Another aspect of this position is creating clear plans for the kids to either have their work done or understand how to complete it. Their sitter will be in charge of interfacing with their SmartTeacher and turning in their work, as well as recording anything that needs to be recorded during lessons and keeping their school room organized!

Additional Information

The parents are vaccinated, but the kids are not yet, so having a vaccinated SmartSitter is most ideal.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour, plus metrocard, guaranteed income, some PTO, and a short-term commitment!


    One year or more

    Total Hours per Week

    33 hours/week guaranteed

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