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AFTER SCHOOL SITTER: Positive, optimistic, and proactive sitter with two kids, 2 and 5, and SAHM on UWS (benefits and competitive salary!).

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Do you have a knack for working with and great understanding of the early school aged and toddler years? Are you a naturally positive and helpful person who tries to approach all situations with optimism, openness, and understanding? Then read below, because this is the job for you! A veteran SmartFamily is saying goodbye to their long-term SmartSitter this fall and looking for someone equally as loving and kind to join their team for the after school routine with their two kids, 2 and 5. You'd be working alongside mom who is home primarily with the girl to help get the boy from school, get one or both kids to their activities, and overall help keep the routine on schedule and running as smoothly as possible. If you love to help and are adaptable, easy going, communicative, and flexible in nature, this is a great role. The mom splits most after noons with her SmartSitter, so as long as you know the schedule, the two of you will work great in tandem! There will be daily transportation via the crosstown bus with the boy, but they are happy to provide a monthly metrocard to their new SmartSitter to cover the costs. It's $25-30/hour gross for 21-22 hours/week guaranteed, plus a metrocard, PTO, paid sick days, some paid federal holidays, and most importantly, a guaranteed income! The position will begin in late August or early September with interviews taking place immediately! Don't miss out on this one!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Do you have a positive and can-do attitude? Keeping that positivity and optimism with the kids even in a challenging situation is really important in this role. In fact, it's their ethos when it comes to their parenting. They are trying to help the kids communicate how they are feeling and this role will play such a huge part in that education. For example, they are encouraging the kids to express themselves versus throwing a tantrum (which doesn't always work, but it's a work in process!). They'll suggest to them to say, "I am tired and need some space," or "I had a long day and I want to read a book." The girl in particular can be very demanding when she wants something and knows she isn't supposed to have it. Rather than say "NO, you know we can't have ice cream," they prefer, "Claire, you can't have ice cream right now, but maybe we can make a smoothie in the blender." It's all about offering solutions to issues or other suggestions to build them up as their own good decision makers and confident little people. Their overall vibe is keeping it positive and not putting them down or making them feel bad for wanting the ice cream or being tired and crying. Allowing them to express themselves and feeling confident to do so, even if they can't have that thing. It's all about positive expression and communication. If this comes naturally to you, this will be a great fit.  Do you have a knack for connecting with siblings, especially within these age groups? They are both at such crucial stages of life and development, so having a SmartSitter who understands these phases of life is so important for this family. Someone who can connect with both, follow the parenting style and communication styles with the kids, and ultimately wants to be with them and spend time getting to know them. That bond is always so important and the family recognizes that! Further, it's a true balance of approaches with the two kids and understanding that one approach that works with the boy won't work for his sister. For example, being logical and reasonable with the boy because he is quite logical and reasonable himself. Whereas being silly, goofy, and singing songs with the girl to get her to do stuff she might not want to do. It's a true balance here! Do you communicate openly and often? You'll fit in great with mom if you do! She is a really sweet and kind person who has really been connected with her SmartSitter this past two years, especially through the pandemic. The importance of strong and open communication is not lost on her, especially when it comes to her growing kids. They're changing everyday and she wants to keep in close communication with her SmartSitter so she knows what is happening and so they can work together to raise the best little people! Are you a team oriented person? If you are looking for a role where you can be a part of a team and work alongside someone, this is a great role. Having another team member in mom will allow for the weeks and sometimes days to be different and new in a way! The kids are going to different schools and different activities or playdates, so as long as you know the schedule for both, changing it up between being with the boy to girl won't be an issue! This flexibility if so important for mom who may have appointments or errands she needs to run, and feeling confident in her person (who is confident in this role) will make that all the easier.


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, 2:45 to 7 PM. Flexibility to stay later or come earlier on occasion is helpful.  They are happy to guarantee 21-22 hours/week to their new SmartSitter.

About the Children

Boy, 5- He is a really happy and sweet kid. He has a kind nature. His summer camp counselors have reported what a great role model he is for the other campers, he always has a smile on his face, and is so fun. He sometimes gets hot and tired, and not too happy, but he is great. He is going into kindergarten on the UES. he is patient and logical.  Girl, 2- Starting the three's program for a few mornings/week. She is ready and excited to go. She is also sweet, but more outgoing than her brother. She is really funny and has a great sense of humor. She is so friendly and will talk to everyone. She can be a handful herself and has her demands about things at time, how she wants them, and what she wants to do. She is well within the toddler phase and can be stubborn at times when she wants something in particular.


The position is primarily with the boy after school, though on occasion you may have the girl, or even both if mom has an appointment or errand to run. The main responsibilities would include picking him up from the UES at school via the crosstown bus, taking the boy to a playground, activity, or a play date. Prepping the kids dinner, tidying up after play or just proactively seeing if you can help (load the dishwasher, organizing the toys, etc.), and helping mom to get them ready for baths and bedtime.

Additional Information

Both parents are vaccinated and prefer to have someone vaccinated as well. They have a big dog who is sweet, but one should be comfortable with the dog.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross, plus a metrocard, PTO, paid sick days, some paid federal holidays, and guaranteed income!


    through the 2021-2022 school year

    Total Hours per Week

    21-22 hours/week guaranteed

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