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AFTER SCHOOL SITTER: Lovely veteran UES family with three kids and a FT nanny are looking for an engaging and fun new sitter to join them (great compensation, PTO, paid sick time, paid federal holidays, and a metrocard).

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Are you engaging, fun, and theatrical?! Do you have experience with school aged kids? Are you looking for a new after school job? If you've said yes to all three of these questions, continue reading! We have a kind and experienced veteran UES family looking for a new after school SmartSitter to join their team. They have worked with several long term and fill SmartSitters in the past, some for several years at a time, including many of my former admin teammates! Everyone adores them and says the best things about them. They are not only kind and good people, but they are experienced employers, value their SmartSitters, and are thoughtful and fair when it comes to those working in their home. The core schedule is Monday to Friday, 3 PM to 8:30 or 9 PM. Flexibility to assist with full days if the kids are out of school is a huge plus (with extra compensation)! This position is primarily with the older kids, and really primarily the girl, however the sitter will be working alongside mom and their full-time nanny to manage the afternoon and evening routine for all three. They are looking for someone cheerful, fun, engaging, reliable, adaptable, organized and mindful, and easy going to join their team. Open communication is paramount and a willingness to learn more about and implement their family style has always proven successful! It's $25-30/hour gross for 30hours/week guaranteed, plus a monthly metrocard, PTO, sick days, and paid federal holidays off. The position will begin just after Labor Day on 9/7/2021, and go through the end of June 2022. There is the potential to help in the summer and extend beyond the first school year.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Are you creative?! ALL CREATIVE TYPES NEED APPLY! They have historically loved to work with theatrical and creative types as their kids really respond to that fun nd engaging personality. Someone engaging and fun who wants to bond with them and really wants to be with them is ideal. Are you kind and loving? Are you able to also maintain boundaries with kids even when there is a challenge right in front of you? Their most successful SmartSitters have been able to balance the fun and loving bonds with the kids, while being able to maintain greta boundaries with them so they don't run the show. The kids are super sweet and have their moments, but they sure do try to negotiate to get ice cream or donuts or play one last hour of video games at times when they know they can't. Someone who doesn't take things personally and can see when it's just a tired kid or an upset kid will do best. Someone unflappable and won't let the kids rile them (the kids surely know when they've gotten under someone's skin). With these ages, they will push boundaries at the start, so having someone who isn't phased is best. Do you find it easy to get around the city and are confident with kids in tow? Someone smart and city savvy will be best here. The kids have most activities or playdates in the neighborhood, but occasionally may need to go to an appointment elsewhere, so being able to get around with them in tow and keep them safe is paramount! Are you mindful and emotionally intelligent when it comes to working with kids? Having someone on their team who really wants to connect with the kids and will take the time to understand who they truly are will be the most ideal fit for the role. We've seen these kids grow up and while they aren't the easiest at times, they are good kids. Mom and dad know all things and that they all must work together to make sure things are going smoothly so they want to work with someone who is of the same mindset. They would also love to have someone who is mindful of their space and while they encourage games, activities, and creativity, they'd love to have their person be comfortable picking up after themselves and encouraging the kids to participate.


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 3-8:30 or 9 PM. Some flexibility to come earlier on occasion if the kids are out of school with extra pay is a plus! They are happy to guarantee 30 hours/week!

About the Children

boy, 10- He's playing flag football and is really into golf. He loves video games (they are working on getting him to play less these days). He is still challenging in terms of his behavior, but he still needs a person who can hold a good boundary with him. The parents are so communicative and understanding. They really try to give their people all the tools and strategies they need to manage his behaviors and want their person to spend time with him and bond. He struggles with transitions and particularly when he doesn't want to do something.  He has ADHD, takes medicine and it's helpful for him to have structure in the afternoons. During his early school years he had more behavioral issues and they are continuing their work with his therapist to tackle this. They are so communicative about this and open with all of their people! girl, 7- She is a sweet girl. She is super into the performing arts. She loves singing, dancing. and choreography. She is always putting on a show! She has always been super social and outgoing. She loves to be in the mix! She loves loves loves to be with people.   boy, 3- he is climbing everywhere and is very very active. 


The position will involve primarily picking up the girl from school, bringing her home or taking her to after school activities or playdates to the park. You will host and organize playdates at primarily the park, though sometimes at home. Helping with homework or some light meal prep on occasion.Mom typically picks up the boy and brings him home for tutoring at home. The full-time nanny is usually with the little boy, but it's important to be flex as occasionally you may have to shift focus form one kid to another. You may also help with the kids' laundry or running an errand in the neighborhood from time to time. In the evening from 5 PM onwards, the focus shifts towards getting both older children bathed and fed, and taking some space to calm for the evening. Mom will usually be home in the evenings, however as the SmartSitter gets into a groove they may on occasion have two of the older children on their own. There may also be times when the SmartSitter helps with other more admin tasks such as figuring out what groceries they need and placing an order or going to the post office. You will be working alongside their other SmartSitter and the full-time nanny. Occasionally, you may be asked to watch all three kids or just the littlest one if his nanny is away or on vacation.

Additional Information

The parents are vaccinated and they hope to get at least the older two vaccinated soon. They'd prefer to have a SmartSitter who is vaccinated as well!

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour + monthly metrocard, PTO, sick days, guaranteed income, and paid federal holidays off


    through the 2021-2022 school year

    Total Hours per Week

    30 hours/week guaranteed

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