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AFTER SCHOOL SITTER for three sweet and active girls and a loving and respectful family in Tribeca (benefits and guaranteed income).

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Are you a fun and responsible after school sitter? Do you have experience with toddlers and early school aged kids? Are you interested in working long-term with a wonderful and communicative and experienced employer family? Are you organized and experienced working with multiples solo? A really love new SmartFamily is looking for an after school sitter for their three girls, 4, 5, and 7.5. They are saying goodbye to their full-time nanny of almost 8 years and are sad, but ready to welcome someone new into the mix! This is a great role for someone who is looking for a new opportunity to really take charge and manage the full afternoon routine for the girls. It's $30-35/hour gross for 25 hours/week guaranteed, plus benefits like PTO, paid sick time, a metrocard, and the opportunity for more hours when the girls are out of school! The position begins in September, but possibly sooner if someone can go to Westchester and stay over a few nights to help them out and get to know them better!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Are you an experienced and organized after school nanny who can juggle three young girls? If you are, we have the opportunity for you! The family is looking for someone with after school experience who is confident and super engaging with young children. The ability to be collaborative and be a team player is a must as both parents are super involved, they have a full-time housekeeper, and a PA, and they believe that it truly "takes a village". Someone kind, but firm who can maintain the house rules and boundaries with the girls is ideal as well. Do you know the city like the bak of your hand or are a quick learner in city environments? Someone confident in the city who can find their way around and is comfortable navigating getting around with the kids, especially all three at once. The girls thrive on routine, so someone who is organized and can maintain routines with them to keep things running smoothly for the whole house. Someone who is communicative and flexible, while being supportive and adaptable to changing needs as they may come up with the girls getting older or activities changing throughout the year. Someone proactive who can solve problems on their own when they have the training and know how of the position. Are you creative and fun?! If this describes you, you must apply! Someone creative and fun who can come up with activities and plans for them to have exciting and interactive afternoons together is best. Keeping them really engage, especially on those days when the girls are home from school or the weather is bad. Someone active and physical who can run around with them. Are you kind, patient, and understanding? This is a big change for the girls. Not only are they coming back to the city after being in Westchester for a year and a half, but they are saying goodbye to their nanny of 8 years! She's been at their side since they all were babies, so it's sure to be a tougher transition at the start. They may talk about her a lot and be really sad when she leaves, but they will warm up and become the best of friends with their new person! Do you love adventure?! Are you open to occasional travel to Westchester to live in? They will sometimes go to Westchester for a long weekend or when the girls are out of school for breaks. If someone is comfortable going up for a night and working a full Friday, or even spending a week with them up there, it's a huge plus! They would have a private room, all food and transportation covered, and the opportunity to earn money through extra hours!


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 3-8 PM. Flex to stay later until 10 PM with some advanced notice and assist when the girls are not in school. They are happy to guarantee 25 hours/week.

About the Children

Three girls, 4, 5, and 7.5- They are really sweet girls and close! They've had the same nanny since they were all babies (she started almost 8 years ago!), so they may be slow to warm up to someone new, but they are sure to be the best of friends with their person after :)


Establishing an afternoon routine for the girls to keep them on task and schedule. Assisting with PA/household management tasks such as occasional grocery shopping and dry cleaning, household errands, stocking fridge, keeping things tidy. and the kids' laundry, all before pick up if needed. Picking the kids up from school via bus or a driver, likely. Really managing the afternoon logistics of activities and playdates solo. Help with homework and make sure it gets done. Preparing dinner and tidying up after. Helping with light meals for the girls, putting them to bed, bed time stories. Likely a driver in place, but maybe using the subways and buses with the kids. At home, the housekeeper and occasionally the PA would be around, but the SmartSitter would be managing the kids alone after 5 PM until mom and dad come home. At that point, helping to give them dinner and managing the evening routine. Making sure the evening goes smoothly and managing things with the after school babysitter. Helping with the girls bedtime and bath routine. Mom and dad are usually home between 6-7/8 PM. Helping with full day care for holidays when they are home and sick days with additional pay. In the summer, they go to their home in Westchester where they have a separate and private space for their person to live in during the week if they'd like to go up!

Additional Information

Both parents and the assistant are vaccinated. They're super communicative and a real team which is such a fantastic plus! They were also referred by one of our long-time veteran families and really understand the importance of boundaries, their nanny's time off to relax and recharge, and how that affects long-term relationships!

  • Rate

    $30-35/hour gross for 25 hours/week guaranteed, plus benefits like PTO, paid sick time, a metrocard


    through the 2021-2022 school year to start

    Total Hours per Week

    25 hours/week guaranteed

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