Permanent Full-time Nannies and Part-time Babysitters

Our qualified, experienced and well-educated babysitters and nannies can help with whatever your family’s individual needs may be.

Full-time Nannies:

We work with a select number of full-time nannies who are college-educated, exclusively focused on childcare, and bring years of experience to the table. Preview some of our full-time nannies.

Part-time Babysitters:

Our part-time babysitters are dedicated and accomplished individuals who often split their time between working with children and pursuing academic degrees or developing careers in art, music, theater or dance. Preview some of our part-time babysitters.

Part-time babysitters are available for a wide range of regular schedules including:

  • Early Morning Nanny: Getting kids ready for school, packing lunch and school drop off
  • After-school Babysitter: After-school pick-up, accompanying to activities, homework help, dinner and bedtime
  • Part-time Babysitter, 1-4 days/week: Regular part-time help on a set schedule
  • Weekend Babysitter: Regular care for half days or full days, live-in and live-out


View Salary Guidelines and Booking Fees for permanent childcare. Fill out our Family Application to begin your search.