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A heartfelt letter from one of our families

As I checked my email while walking up 7th Ave today, I came across one of the most touching emails I have ever received. Smartsitting will be turning two years old this month, and it has been an absolutely amazing experience for me (as well as Dara and Suzie!) to get to work with such great families and Smartsitters. But it is emails like these that really remind us why we do what we do, and we couldn’t be more thankful to have the opportunity to get to shape young lives.
-Lauren Kay, Executive Director of Smartsitting

Hi Lauren, hope all is well.

I wanted to tell you that Zary will be graduating from high school on June 24th.  It has been a long road to this day, but I wanted to tell you that without your help and the array of amazing tutors you have matched Zary up with, it would not have been possible to get to where she is now. It has been a pleasure and a life saving experience for both Zary and I to have found you and your tutors. The services you provide are extremely helpful and cost effective as well.

I don’t know what we would have done had it not been for your assistance and flexibility.  Thank you very much for helping my daughter overcome many of the obstacles she faced and helping in making her a more confident student.  I will continue to let people know about your tutoring services because they are extraordinary!!!!!  A million thanks to you and all the tutors that helped Zary achieve her ultimate goal, high school graduation and moving on to college!!!!!!

Have a great day and an amazing summer!!!! Thanks again.. 

— Cielo, Mother of Zary. 

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