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The Best Nanny Gift for the Holidays

Holiday Gifts for Nanny and Babysitter

Is Your Nanny Hoping for a Year-end Bonus?

This time of year, families ask themselves the age-old question, “What should we give our nanny for the holidays?” You’ve had a great year together, and you appreciate everything your caregiver has done for you and your kids, so it makes sense to let them know in some way. But how? What are other families gifting, what are nannies telling each other, and what does yours expect? Holiday gifts for your nanny can be a tricky decision in an otherwise loving relationship. But do not worry, as always, we here at SmartSitting are here to help and take the stress away, so that you can enjoy the holiday season and look forward to another great year (maybe, come to think of it, a better one…) with your caregiver! 

Year-end/Holiday Nanny Bonuses

The convention in nannying is for families to give their nanny or babysitter a holiday/end-of-year bonus. Your nanny is a professional, and just like with other places of employment, a holiday bonus is expected. It may even be counted on. Numerous polls and studies show that when given a choice, nannies prefer a monetary bonus. This is also the form most families choose to gift their caregivers. 

How Much Should You Give?

Most customary, especially in the larger cities, is to give a full-time or part-time nanny 1-2 weeks salary as a cash bonus. This figure can also depend on how long a nanny has been with your family. For a nanny of several years, it’s a wonderful expression of your appreciation and love for the nanny to bonus in the upper range and beyond, whereas if a nanny just started with you in November, it may make more sense to give them a smaller token of your hope in the new working relationship. 

For regular babysitters, consider giving the equivalent of a typical booking. If they are a steady Friday date-night sitter, for instance, you can bonus how much that shift would normally pay. If you work with a babysitter that you really like but only see once in a blue moon, it’s a lovely gesture to give them a gift card or smaller gift, to let them know you appreciate them and hope to see them again in the future. Remember – a gift or bonus is just as much an investment in the future as it is a bookend for the year that passed. 

Some Years Are Not Like the Others

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a taxing year, for families and caregivers alike. We know many of you have had to rework your day-to-day lives, and for many nannies, their jobs have changed significantly. If you feel your nanny or sitter has gone out of their way to keep your family safe – perhaps by walking or biking to work instead of taking public transportation, or by canceling social gatherings or trips to accommodate your COVID protocols, consider expressing your thankfulness for this with an extra bump. 

Offering Nannies Gifts

What if you want to give your nanny a gift card to their favorite store or hand-painted crafts from your kiddos? At the end of the day, while it is a formal employment, the family-caregiver relationship is also a special, warm, loving relationship. Any sign that you and your kiddos have spent time thinking of something that your nanny or sitter would like will always be happily received. Just pair it with a cash bonus, and the holidays will be happy as can be! 

Now that we have sorted all this out, one last reminder. Monetary bonuses count as taxable income and should be included in tax calculations.   

At the end of the day, a holiday/end-of-year bonus is not just a celebration of the holidays but a chance to acknowledge your nanny’s important role in your family. If you appreciate the work they do, how they’ve done it over the past year, and if  you want to let them know that you see how committed they are to the wellbeing and growth of your children, this is a great way to show it. Turns out, sometimes the best gift, can be the easiest.

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