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5 Father’s Day Gifts Your Kids Can Make

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Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it is important to remind our loved ones how much we appreciate them. Most dads probably will say they don’t need anything for Father’s Day, but taking the time to find something special—or make something special—for dad is important to remind him how much you love him. It is important to let your children take the reins and get creative with gift-giving. Make sure there is a parent or another adult around when the little ones are making these crafts to ensure safety first. Here are some fun gifts that can come directly from your children:

Coupon Book

If you have children that are old enough to hold a crayon, they can help with this present! Instead of just making a card, make a coupon book. Making a coupon book is an easy and fun way to give Dad a gift that is both useful and personal. All you need for this gift is some construction paper, scissors (make sure there is an adult around when using!), a hole punch, string, markers/crayons, and your child’s imagination. Some fun things to include in the coupon book could be a free car wash, breakfast in bed, or a promise to help with the yard work—the possibilities are endless. Just make sure your kiddos spend time thinking about what would make Dad feel special, and that they can hold up their end of the bargain when those coupons are cashed in! 

Desk Organizer

Many dads have a home office, and during COVID, many dads are using those offices even more than usual. Kids can make a homemade desk organizer for all of his pens and other supplies very easily using tin cans! Start saving empty cans of soup or vegetables and cleaning them. Once you have the desired amount- anywhere from one to three, depending on how much stuff Dad has, it’s time to clean them thoroughly and make sure they’re completely dry. Then get some construction paper and some markers or colored pencils, and get to designing! Once the art is complete, simply glue the paper to the tins, and voilà! The gift is complete. Now, whenever dad is working in his office, he will think about how much his kids love and appreciate him.

Painted Coasters

Another way to spruce up Dad’s office or nightstand is by decorating some plain cork coasters. Get ready to get a bit messy—this one calls for acrylic paint. Make sure you put down some newspapers or a tarp before you get started to contain as much paint as possible. Get some painter’s tape, let your kids make any design they want, and fill in the empty spaces with colorful paint! Once the paint dries, remove the painter’s tape to reveal a unique design just for dad.

Father’s Day Questionnaire

A fun way to get the little ones involved in a Father’s Day gift would be to create a Father’s Day questionnaire that they could help fill out! They would need some help, of course, but all you have to do is ask your child to fill in the blanks, and then you can type them up, print them out, and present them to dad in a frame as a keepsake to remember the day and how cute and precious your children are. Here is an example:


by [insert child’s name] AGE [insert age]

My daddy’s name is ______.

He is ___ ft and ___ inches tall.

He weighs ___ pounds.

His hair color is ______.

His eye color is ______.

His favorite TV show is ______.

He likes to go to ______.

His favorite food is ______.

His favorite drink is ______.

For fun he likes to ______.

I love it when my daddy ______.

My favorite thing about my daddy is ______.


Wooden Photo

If your children are a little older, there is an easy gift idea that doubles as a lovely keepsake. All you need for this project is a photo of your child and their dad on regular printer paper, a piece of wood that you can get from a craft store, some Mod Podge, water, and a paintbrush. You can also use a heat tool to speed up the process if you desire. The steps are simple: cover the wood with Mod Podge, apply the printer paper with the photo side down, allow the Mod Podge to dry, and then use a paintbrush to apply water to the printer paper. Then you can carefully peel or rub the paper off to reveal your gift! You can also seal it with an additional layer of Mod Podge to add a protective layer to your gift. Here are more detailed instructions!

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