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Fun Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids: March 2013 SmartSitting Meet Up Recap

At last week’s meet up, SmartSitters learned some fun arts and crafts projects for kids, in a workshop led by Susan Berman. Susan is an artist, an art educator, a mother and the brain behind a neat company called SouvenarteBooks, which preserves children’s artwork in the form of beautiful, museum quality, hardcover coffee table books.

In our discussion, SmartSitters learned how art can improve problem solving skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creative thinking, and more. Our babysitters had fun doing the arts and crafts projects themselves, using tooth picks, modeling clay, and no specific instructions. The results were fresh and surprising, and everyone left feeling relaxed and inspired.

If you’re looking for a great gift idea, spend a few minutes on www.souvenartebooks.com to learn more about Susan’s custom keepsakes.

Souvenarte Books support quality and creative childcare for families and is happy to offer a 15% discount on any order that mentions SmartSitting.

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