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Meet our March SmartSitting SmartStars

The year is racing ahead, and we’re already a quarter of the way through! This means that spring is here and of course that our SmartSitters continue to be invaluable rockstars to families in the SmartSitting network. 

As you may know by now, each month on this blog, we highlight exceptionally hard workers in our SmartStars program. This is our chance to shine a spotlight on and reward those caregivers who work for families through our partnership with Bright Horizons backup care. Our tiered system sends these sitters a cash bonus each time they reach a new level: Shooting Star, Constellation, Zodiac, Galaxy, and Supernova. To date, SmartSitters Jennifer A. and Kyla K. have both hit the high benchmark of Zodiac level, working over 300 hours in backup care! 

We are thrilled to present to you our March SmartStars. We are so grateful for all that they do and so proud to have them in the SmartSitting network. 

If you are interested in booking one of our SmartStar sitters, reach out to us today. But best act quickly, these SmartStars get snapped up fast!

Rae B.

SmartSitter SmarStar Rae B

I grew up in a coastal town on a little island in south Alabama, alongside my older brother and little sister. I have been influenced by my parents’ independence and creativity my whole life. Growing up, I was extremely intrigued by all things creative, being a leader and organizing plans. I have been working with kids since I was 14. From watching the neighbors’ toddler twins for a couple hours, to nannying a young girl with special needs, to being an au pair on the other side of the world. 

When I graduated high school I enrolled in a local online college, focusing on art, then education, then art again. I worked full time as well and did a lot of traveling. While trying to figure out my career path, I traveled to Sweden to be the au pair to 5 little ones. It was there that I learned that I was more like a big sister than a teacher. After several years of babysitting. nannying, tutoring and volunteering with children of all ages I have learned how to be even more imaginative, calm and easy going than I was before.

Elizabeth S.

SmartSitter SmartStar Elizabeth S

Coming from a family of 5 kids, there hasn’t been a day where I wasn’t surrounded by children and the process of raising them. I’ve always had a heart for kids, so I decided about 8 years ago to apply for a nanny position, met my first family, and have had the pleasure of working with other families as well! Also, I am an actress/singer, so enjoy being creative and encouraging kids to use their imagination fully! As an artist, I find the energy and creativity of children inspiring and fun to help and watch develop.

Whether it be play time, making simple meals, or taking them on outings, I enjoy the work I’ve done with kids. I am a fun, smart, energetic person with a great work ethic, and consistent reliability. It is always my goal to provide the most trustworthy and loving environment for children. 

Maggie D.

SmartSitter SmartStar Maggie D

I grew up in Northern Connecticut with a very large family, as one of four girls and sixteen cousins. As a family we were always together and some of my first babysitting jobs were for my younger cousins. I attended Western New England University and graduated with a B.A. in History. My first professional position was working as a preschool teacher, a job I had while studying at WNEU. I then became an educator at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. While at CMOM I was responsible for leading story time, engaging guests in the exhibits, facilitating projects, and creating a welcoming environment for children. 

During my ten years as a nanny, I have been employed by three wonderful families and each group was a unique learning experience. A nurturing caregiver, I believe conflict can be solved through redirection and high fives. I am sweet and easygoing, but I am not a pushover. I enjoy being a nanny because I get to help families on a personal level. Helping parents in their journey as caregivers is a wonderful part of being a nanny. Caring for children is a task I take very seriously and a privilege I find joy in every single day.

Jessica B.

SmartSitter SmartStar Jessica B

A native of Rockford, Illinois, and the oldest of three siblings, I grew up with a family of caregivers and teachers. My experience with children started with visiting my mom’s preschool as a child myself. At the age of 13, I became Safe Sitter certified, and my career as a sitter has continued on since! My mom is the most creative, intuitive, caring and hard-working preschool teacher I know and I am proud to have that connection with her as a SmartSitter now. 

While it was theatre that brought me to New York, after graduating with my BFA in Musical Theatre from Millikin University, I still find myself incorporating my experience and love for working with children into my life. As a performer, I am driven by a desire to positively affect the masses whether that be by entertaining, educating or shedding light on the human experience, and I believe it is a similar core value that carries over into my mindset as a SmartSitter. It brings me joy to care for others, to help them through life’s challenges and share with them life’s delights. More than the simple happiness it brings me to look after kids and witness their amusing antics, is the happiness it brings me to make a positive difference in their lives, even if for one day.

Lillianne B.

SmartSitter SmartStar Lillianne B

One of four children, I grew up near Columbus, Ohio, and graduated from college at Ohio University in Athens. I babysat many families through high school and I was a part-time nanny for many years during college. Additionally, I used to volunteer for the Special Olympics during college as well. 

I love to be crafty and do artist projects. I love reading and writing and being creative. I’ve always enjoyed spending time with children and seeing where their imagination takes them.

Shenique L.

SmarSitter SmartStar Shenique L

I’m currently attending Porter and Chester institute of Stratford to get my certification as an LPN. My plan is to become an RN and work in the NICU, as I aspire to be a neonatal nurse. I have been working with children since the age of 17, as a teacher’s assistant in daycare, a teacher’s aide at Head Start, and as a babysitter for families. It was a memorable experience because kids at that age are full of energy and I love keeping up with them. Everyday it’s something new! I absolutely loved the experience. 

I’m very adventurous and love to go on hikes, love to travel, and love the water. I love to build a strong bond with kids that I get to interact with. Not only should they look up to me as their nanny, but I want them to also feel like I’m their friend. On a Saturday or Sunday evening, I like watching movies on Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate or a slice of pizza!

Luke W

SmartSitter SmartStar Luke W

Originally from Columbus Ohio, I’ve worked in childcare-related fields for around 10 years. First, it was watching the neighbor’s girls while she ran to the store, then it evolved into teaching children’s theatre and working at an all-girls summer camp, working as a dance instructor at a bilingual elementary school, tutoring kids in math and reading, and finally, back to babysitting.

I moved to NYC to study theatre at NYU, and have since earned my BFA. While I still pursue creative projects and writing my own material, my work with kids is still very important to me. The best part about working with kids is the knowledge that you’re making a positive impact on the child’s life. My philosophy when it comes to taking care of kids is to promote independence. What I hope to instill in any child I work with is a more positive outlook on things. No matter what the situation, I believe there is always a way to look on the bright side, and it’s a skill that requires a lot of practice. It has served me well in life to always be positive, and I want to pass that on and help others do the same.

Rachel A

SmartSitter SmartStar Rachel A

Currently a student at Manhattanville College with a major in music education and a minor in creative writing, I have been working with children for 10 years. Growing up, my brother had ADHD and struggled with anxiety. This taught me a lot about how to work with children individually instead of treating all children the same. I have worked with many children with mental, physical, or emotional disabilities and feel comfortable working with all children. 

Teaching is my passion and I love to include education in my childcare when appropriate. My additional interests are sports and music, and I often tutor in both academics and music. I love tutoring because I am able to see children develop and raise to their potential. As the captain of my school’s rugby team, I am confident that I can keep up with kids all day without tiring!

Taryya E

SmartSitter SmartStar Taryya E

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, I moved to Livingston, NJ when I was 7. In high school and college, I took child studies classes and psychology classes. Child development has always been something I’ve been interested in.

Currently, I study psychology, and I want to be a social worker. My experience is with children of all ages, including children with special needs. I also have experience as a teacher’s assistant and camp counselor. I’ve always known that I loved taking care of children and watching them interact with others. I love teaching them about being nice to each other, loving one another, sharing, playing nice, expressing feelings, and more. When I’m not working, I’m home with my puppy!

Congratulations to all our SmartStars!

Do you think you have what it takes to become one of our next SmartStars? Do you love working with kids and have great experience as a caregiver? Fill out an application online today!

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