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Meet our May SmartSitting SmartStars!

SmartSitting SmartStars May - nannies and babysitters

The SmartStars Program

As you know by now, each month we highlight exceptionally hard-working caregivers through our SmartStars incentive program. The SmartStars program was designed to encourage and reward those sitters who go above and beyond by putting in the time with families requesting help through our partnership with Bright Horizons backup care. This tiered system highlights sitters doing an extraordinary job. They also receive a cash bonus that increases with each tier that they reach. In a year when childcare has been tricky to say the least, the program has been a huge success! 

At SmartSitting, we know that our caregivers are invaluable to the families they work for, and we are very proud to see them show up day after day. Lately, we have also seen several instances of backup care families hiring their backup sitters for long-term positions with their family. One family recently reached out to us, writing, “We recently met a really nice SmartSitter through back up care. The kids really love her. She is so attentive that we want to hire her directly.” This means that if you are a SmartSitter looking for a long-term position with a family, working in backup care can actually be a great way to reach that goal! 

May’s SmartSitting SmartStars

In the last month, several of our sitters reached new heights in the SmartStars levels. Toni M., Shamair, and Maggie D., profiled in previous posts, have all reached the third, or Zodiac, level. This means they have worked over 300 hours in backup care this year, which is quite an impressive feat. Rachel A. has reached the Constellation level, working over 150 hours so far. 

Feedback for these particular babysitters has included how great the sitter was, how satisfied the parents were, and how much the kids loved having them around. One of the families pointed out that their SmartSitter was a stabilizing presence while they scrambled to find a new childcare solution after their previous nanny quit without notice. We consistently hear from families that their SmartStar sitters are able to come in to new, unfamiliar situations and handle the daily routine with ease. This includes helping babies who are not used to new people or engaging older kids in fun activities. Or as one parent put it simply when asked about their backup care sitter, these caregivers are “GREAT!”

Congratulations to all our SmartStars!

May’s SmartStar sitters, along with the whole backup care crew, continue to knock it out of the park and provide last-minute and backup care to parents around New York City and New Jersey. We are excited to keep celebrating their successes through the year and proud of all that they do.

Do you think you have what it takes to become one of our next SmartStars? Do you love working with kids and have great experience as a caregiver? Fill out an application online today! For more information from SmartSitting directly in your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter.

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