Learn How SmartSitting is Handling Child Care During COVID-19 ›

Learn How SmartSitting is Handling Child Care During COVID-19


SmartSitting is committed to the safety of our families, nannies, babysitters, and private educators. We are inspired to continue providing avenues for receiving essential childcare services. We also recognize that while so much about our future is uncertain, support for families, children, and the caregiving community is very much needed at this moment. To respond, we have modified our services:

Available Temporary Babysitting and Nanny Services:

  • SmartSitting will manage all employment related details for in-home babysitting or nanny requests. This ensures that babysitters and nannies will have access to necessary government benefits should they find themselves personally affected by COVID-19, without burdening families with administration of payroll and benefits for a potentially limited engagement. Payroll, payment facilitation, worker's compensation, unemployment insurance, paid time off, and all other costs related to the legal employment of your SmartSitter will be managed by the corporate arm of SmartSitting.
  • While we hope temporary services such as date nights and occasional babysitting will resume in the future, for the foreseeable future, there is a 25 hour per week guaranteed minimum for all bookings.
  • We require honest, open communication, and complete transparency regarding the presentation of any illness symptoms and will only work with individuals who abide by this requirement.

SmartSitting COVID-19 Safety Policies:

  • SmartSitting is only working with individuals who are committed to practicing social distancing. Our definition of acceptable social distancing means leaving home only for grocery runs and solo walks or exercise. Everyone in the household must be practicing at the same level of vigilance. Families and caregivers will be matched to ensure their personal practices are in line with each other.
  • SmartSitters and SmartSitting families must connect with each other for a daily illness assessment. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, we will temporarily suspend services if either the sitter or the family show signs of illness and provide guidance in accordance with CDC guidelines regarding quarantine.
  • Our SmartSitters are also regularly reminded to be impeccably hygienic, wash hands constantly for 40 seconds, use sanitizer when appropriate, not to touch their faces, bring an extra set of clothes, wipe down phones, and use the safest means of travel available to get to every booking.
  • While we are doing our best to make geographically convenient matches, we are asking families to consider providing rideshare or taxi fare to SmartSitters if applicable. We are open to whatever transportation arrangements are agreeable to both family and caregiver and will adapt at a moment’s notice if new information becomes available regarding the safety of rideshare vehicles and public transit.

Additional Babysitting, Nanny, Private Educator, and Related Services During COVID-19:

  • One-on-One Home-Schooling Support/In-Home Babysitting
  • Virtual Lessons, Interactive Entertainment, Online Mentorship
  • Corporate Back-Up Child Care Programs for employers in the tri-state area with remote employees (specifically serving companies under 500 employees).
  • Consultations regarding compensation practices, unemployment insurance and disability claims, legally mandated paid time off and sick leave requirements, and domestic employer-employee contracts.
  • Private screening services for the nanny you are considering hiring.

Should you have any questions about child care, please call us at 646-396-0230, and we will support you or guide you to an appropriate resource.

We are available to all families and members of the child care community, regardless of whether you are already in our network. Please reach out and allow us to help!

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