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Francesca J.


CAP21 Conservatory,
Certificate in Musical Theatre Performance

The New School,
B.S. in Liberal Arts, Certificate: Creative Arts & Health, Drama Therapy
09/13 - 05/17

Childcare Experience

Part-Time Babysitter
Brooklyn, NY, 06/17 - Present
One boy, age 20 months

Part-Time Babysitter
New York City, NY, 06/18 - Present
1 boy, 8 months

Part-Time Babysitter
New York City, NY, 06/18 - Present
1 boy, 4 months

Morning Babysitter
New York City, NY, 01/18 - 04/18
1 boy, 10 months

Part-Time Babysitter
NY, NY, 08/15 - 06/16
One boy, age 5, One girl, age 3.

Camp Group Leader
Brooklyn, NY, 07/15 - 08/15
Eight girls, ages 3-4

Professional Experience

Perinatal Nursery Intern
New York, New York, 01/20 - Present

Graduate Student
New York, NY, 08/18 - Present

Child Life Assistant
NY, NY, 08/15 - Present

Childcare Worker
NY, NY, 11/14 - 11/15

Drama Therapy Intern
NY, NY, 12/14 - 05/15

About me

Hello! I'm a New York native, which means I am comfortable navigating this city and love to take advantage of it! I've been babysitting since my youth, and when I realized I could make it part of my career, I committed! Since then I've been supervising, caring for and facilitating play with children across a wide age range (newborn – teen) in various settings.

From the hospital to the classroom, my personal focus is on the arts. I've worked professionally as an actor and singer so incorporating aspects of drama and music into my sessions or shifts comes naturally. I strongly believe in the importance of play and how much children can learn from exploring. My goal is to facilitate a fun and safe environment while learning.

My first job with children was acting as a childcare worker during a parenting workshop. In this setting, I worked with a small group of children ages 2-8. Our group included story time with reflection and an art project based on the story. I had a similar role as a group leader for a summer camp held in Prospect Park. I supervised all campers (ages 2-10) but was in charge of a group of eight girls, ages 3-4. I lead a group story time with a question and answer session, planned games, lead music time and facilitated a creative response time. I also managed snack-time, bathroom breaks and post camp pick up.

I have also worked in many private home settings with newborns, infants, toddlers and school age children. I had the role of morning nanny for a 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl for a year until they left New York. I was responsible for feeding, dressing, and safely transporting the children to school. This included either a 20 minute walk or navigating buses depending on weather. I touched base with their mother each morning to see if any messages needed to be relayed to teachers and to coordinate with the afternoon nanny if necessary. I coordinated and supervised play dates and encouraged creative/educational play during our time at home or in Central Park. I was also responsible for helping to maintain a kosher kitchen and for dressing the children in appropriate religious attire.

I have also worked for a family that is fully staffed with nurses, an occupational therapist, and a physical therapist. I cared for their 20 month old son while his twin sister receives in-home medical care. I was responsible for dressing, feeding, changing and engaging him in play. This happens in the home during his sister's care as well as at the playground and in Prospect Park.

I currently work part time with a 4 month old boy. I have full charge care while his parents are working. This includes following the nap/feeding schedule as well as providing developmentally appropriate stimulation.

My most current role at Mount Sinai is as a Child Life Assistant. My main responsibilities were facilitating bedside sessions with developmentally appropriate activities and hosting group time in our recreational space. The children I worked with ranged from newborn to late teens. My interactions with these children include everything from managing light and sound at a newborn's bedside to co-creating unique art projects with older teens to suit their emotional needs and physical capabilities. My role was not medical but I normalized the hospital setting and provided a space for children to sort out their feelings about being hospitalized through play and the arts.

One of my favorite things about working with children is their curiosity and sense of wonder as they discover new things! I find their energy contagious. I also love getting to work with a family unit. I prioritize being in communication with parents and caregivers about how they want to raise their children and maintain a household. I aim for a seamless transition between the parenting style of the caregiver and my time with the children.

I have professional child care experience with...

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School-aged (K-5)
  • Preteen
  • Teenagers
  • Twins
  • Multiples
  • Special Needs

I will be SmartSitting while...

I'm most likely singing. Whether it's singing in a cabaret with the non-profit I volunteer for or singing to a newborn at their bedside, I love it!

In 5 years, I hope to be...

I hope to be pursuing continuing education as a labor and postpartum doula. I also hope to have completed my current graduate program, practicing as a licensed drama therapist and clinical mental health counselor.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children...

I love teaching children that they can express their feelings and thoughts through the arts. I always encourage developing new vocabulary through reading but it's also important to learn how to express in non-verbal ways, especially when children have limited language.

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