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Hadyn H.


University of Denver,
B.A. in International Relations

Columbia University,
Post-Bacc Pre-Medical Program

Childcare Experience

Part-Time Babysitter
San Diego, CA, 12/09 - 08/17
Two girls, ages 12 and 14

Part-Time Nanny
San Diego, CA, 01/10 - 06/17
Three Children, ages 8, 11, 13

After-School/Part-Time Babysitter
San Diego, CA, 12/09 - 06/17
One boy, age 13 and One girl, age 11

Part-Time Babysitter
Denver, CO, 10/15 - 08/16
One boy, age 4 and One girl, age 2

Part-Time Babysitter
Denver, CO, 09/14 - 01/16
One girl, newborn

Part-Time Nanny
San Diego, CA, 06/13 - 12/14
Two boys, ages 4 and 2

Professional Experience

Office and Sales Assistant
San Diego, CA, 01/17 - 08/17

Spin Cycle Team Member
San Diego, CA, 01/17 - 08/17

Restaurant Manager/ Head Bartender
Denver, CO, 09/13 - 12/16

NICO/Labor and Delivery Unit Intern
Denver, CO, 11/15 - 06/16

Medical Volunteer
Rongai, Kenya, 06/13 - 08/13

Medical Receptionist
San Diego, CA, 06/12 - 06/13

About me

When I was 12, I started a babysitting business that expanded down my Los Angeles suburban block. I walked over when parents wanted a date night or needed to make a 5:30 pilates class, and I fell in love with watching children. This experience shaped the way that I have modeled my entire career path. I have always enjoyed spending time with children. After realizing that my Type A personality combined with a passion of exploring creativity and teaching children is valuable when watching youngsters, I decided to continue babysitting and nannying over the last twelve years.

I have worked with children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers and have enjoyed becoming a part of a family. Watching someone else's child is one of the most intimate and important jobs that one can experience. My longest run with a family was about seven years; I started when the youngest was just a couple of months old. I love that the hobbies, skills, and experiences we shared together helped shape his foundation. That is the most rewarding part of this experience for me! When working with children, I tend to create a rather structured environment while also leaving plenty of room for imagination and originality. This system has always proved successful especially when children are still in school and need time for tutoring or homework and an emphasis on academic work.

As a medical student I have consistently been asked: "What is your passion?" and although the obvious answer may be "Medicine, of course!" or "Learning new and integrative ways to expand research in the medical community!", for me the answer has always been clear: "Children". It really is that simple. I love children, not biology. I have learned to love science in the process of finding an effective way to help children. That has been the driving force behind my career path and until I am finished with my residency, I hope to continue working, influencing, and becoming a part of children's lives.

I have professional child care experience with...

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School-aged (K-5)
  • Preteen
  • Teenagers
  • Multiples

I will be SmartSitting while...

reading, spending my time in the city, going to museums, exploring New York, studying, and exercising the right side of my brain through as many creative activities as possible.

In 5 years, I hope to be...

starting my residency in pediatric neurosurgery.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children...

exploring and learning about various cultures, spending time outside, learning through play, and compassion for others.

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