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Andrea A.


Western Michigan University,
B.F.A. in Music Theatre Performance

Childcare Experience

Freelance Babysitter
New York, NY, 09/16 - Present
Multiple children, ages infant-10

Part-Time Babysitter
New York, NY, 01/17 - Present
One girl, age 4 and One boy, age infant

Part-Time Babysitter
New York, NY, 11/16 - 03/17
One boy, age 1 1/2

Part-Time Babysitter
Los Angeles, CA, 01/13 - 09/14
Two girls, ages infant and 1 1/2

Part-Time Babysitter
Portage, MI, 09/02 - 04/09
One boy, age infant

Professional Experience

Guest Services - Disney Cruise Line
International Waters, N/A, 09/15 - 05/16

Teacher - Kidville
Los Angeles, CA, 06/15 - 08/15

About me

Hello! I've been working with children intermittently for the past 20 years. It started with watching my brothers when I was 11 years old while my mom would run errands, which quickly expanded to their friends, the kids around the neighborhood, and then (once I had a car) to kids elsewhere.

In high school, I took my first regular babysitting job for my voice teacher's son and stayed with them until I graduated college, watching him grow from infancy through the age of 7. Responsibilities ranged from meal prep, preparing him for bed and potty training, to playing pretend and scaring monsters out from under his bed. From there, I moved to Los Angeles where I babysat a pair of girls for a year and a half, ages 1 and 1/2 and newborn. I was responsible for caring for the two girls while their mother worked from her home office or ran errands. Duties included diaper changing, potty training, nap time rituals/story time, play time, bottle feeding for the infant and meal prep for the toddler, helping sooth the baby while teething. I also worked at Kidville, teaching 0-5-year-olds music, dance, and helped to develop basic social and fine motor skills.

Since moving to New York, I've worked as a temporary babysitter, stepping in to watch the children of my nanny friends' regular families, with girls and boys ranging from newborn to 10 years old. My regular families here have consisted of a 1-year-old boy and his fur-sister Maui, and a little girl age 4 with her newborn baby brother. My 1-year-old is such a little ladies man and we enjoy building things with blocks (then knocking them down) and taking Maui for walks by the river when the weather's nice. My 4-year-old is so inquisitive and such a smart cookie. We love reading stories, and have been working on teaching her to sound out and read words. She also loves Disney dance parties, as long as you don't watch her dance.

One of my favorite aspects of working with children is the wonder with which they approach the world. I strongly believe in fostering this wonder, using it to help them make new discoveries and see what we can learn. I love working with young children and being there as a mentor as they develop new skills and ideas. I believe that good communication is imperative, and understand that every child and every family dynamic is different. Each family has its own way of doing things, and consistency in discipline and routine are extremely important for a child whether they are with family or a sitter. What works for one family may not work for another. I'm here to enforce your rules as a parent while also being there to help your child feel safe, loved, happy and secure while mom and dad are away. I look forward to meeting your little one!

I have professional child care experience with...

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School-aged (K-5)
  • Multiples

I will be SmartSitting while...

Auditioning, performing in cabarets around the city, walking dogs, writing poetry, reading, spending time outside, taking a yoga class, checking out art museums, exploring the city.

In 5 years, I hope to be...

wiser than I am now, and generally happy with whatever is happening in my life at that time.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children...

I love to stretch children's imaginations. We play pretend, get crafty, make some art, sing and dance around the living room. I also really enjoy teaching kids the basics. It's fun to watch a kid grow from horrible at brushing his/her teeth to AWESOME at brushing his/her teeth. Additionally, I really enjoy helping children learn to read.

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