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Baily F.


Ball State University,
B.S. in Theatre Education
B.S. in Theatre Production (Directing)

Childcare Experience

After-School Babysitter
New York, , 09/18 - 06/20
Two girls, ages 11 and 14

Theatre Mentor at SCORE!
Fort Wayne, IN, 05/17 - 08/18
22 Middle Schoolers

Part-Time Babysitter
Muncie, IN, 08/16 - 05/18
One girl and boy, ages 9 and 13

Part-Time Babysitter
Muncie, IN, 08/17 - 05/18
Two girls, ages 13 and 10

Theatre Teacher with Prism Project
Muncie, IN, 01/15 - 04/18
Children, ages 5-19

Professional Experience

Substitute Teacher
New York, , 09/18 - Present

Theatre Mentor
Fort Wayne, IN, 05/17 - 08/18

Teaching Assistant
Muncie, IN, 01/16 - 05/18

Student Teacher
Carmel, IN, 01/18 - 05/18

Theatre Teacher
Muncie, IN, 01/15 - 04/18

Conservatory Intern
Indianapolis, IN, 05/16 - 07/16

About me

I grew up in a small town outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana as the oldest of two kids. Growing up, I spent my time in choir, at soccer practice, or on stage in plays and musicals. My love for the arts, and theatre specifically inspired me to go to school at Ball State University to study Directing and Theatre Education. Once graduating in 2018, I made the big move from the midwest to Manhattan, and have loved every second of it.

I have spent a large portion of my life as a nanny or babysitter. Starting in Jr. High I would babysit all of the neighbor kids, and continued to babysit throughout high school and into college. In college my role as a babysitter was mainly part-time and the occasional date night for my professors’ children. Since I moved to New York in 2018 nannying has been my go to job! I spent two incredible years being an after-school nanny for two lovely boys during their middle school years. We spent a lot of time doing homework, studying for exams, and always trying to find a way to have some fun. I loved spending time with them at the park playing soccer, and at the skate park watching them learn new tricks. We also enjoyed learning to cook new recipes, and talking about what it is like to be a kid right now. Outside of nannying, I have also been a substitute teacher around Manhattan. My main focus has been working with preschool age children. Working with this age was new to me when I first moved to the city, but has quickly become my favorite age group to work with! Having a background in theatre has been so helpful with this age, and has given me the skills to take imaginative play to the next level.

I believe that children should always have time to laugh, be creative, and just be a kid. As an educator I understand how important it is for children to learn and develop in a safe and nurturing environment, and part of that means making sure they are having fun and enjoying life. I am eager to create new bonds with new families, and continue to explore this beautiful city through the eyes of children.

I have professional child care experience with...

  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School-aged (K-5)
  • Preteen
  • Teenagers
  • Special Needs

I will be SmartSitting while...

When I am not babysitting I am usually exploring the city with my friends. My favorite thing to do is see shows and enjoy the raw talent that New York has to offer. If you can’t find me at a theatre, you can also find me at any of the AMCs across Manhattan using my AMC Stubs A-list Member card!

In 5 years, I hope to be...

In five years I hope to be living a life that makes me genuinely happy. Ideally I would have my own place with a cute little dog or cat, and be having brunch with my favorite people on the weekends. Career wise, I would love to be more established as a freelance director. I want to be working on shows that challenge the way people think and touch the heart of at least one person.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children...

My favorite activity or skill I love to share with children is learning how to be more creative. Children (and adults) tend to spend so much time on screens, and I think it is important to help teach people how to be creative and have fun even without the screens. Depending on the age of the child, this creativity can be as simple as dancing to their favorite or even going as far as to write a little skit or create a new masterpiece.

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