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Alysha D.


Laguardia Community College - Associates Degree,
A.A in Human Services

Lehman College,
B.A in Social Work

Professional Experience

Teacher Assistant
Queens, New york, U.S, 03/19 - 04/19

About me

Hello there! My name is Alysha Diaz. Raised in the New York City. I am a Hispanic woman, the middle child from both my mother's side and father's side as I grew up with my parents being separated. I now have a total of 7 siblings between both parents which, majority are brothers! I have 2 sisters and 5 brothers I love dearly and have a tight bond with because I firmly believe family is everything. As a child, activities that kept me going included making crafts and drawing, which I still carry along with me today as a hobby. I currently have my Associates Degree in Human Services, graduate of 2019 from Laguardia Community College. However, I didn’t stop there. I am now aspiring my long term career goal to become a child welfare social worker. I am a full-time student in my Junior year at Lehman College, reaching to pursue a Social Work degree. Since I have graduated from my Associates, I have been focusing on my studies while also being a full-time nanny. As I continue to attend school, I have come to a great realization my love working for children has grown and has taught me beyond just being a babysitter or nanny. It has taught me the knowledge and interesting facts of child development and how to be a better childcare provider.

My journey being a childcare provider began back in 2016 as a childcare supervisor in a gym facility attending to children's needs and entertaining them with play time, including encouraging reading time. I worked with children from the ages of newborn to elementary school age. This usually lies between newborn to the age of 6 or 7. occasionally, a year older or two. However, the majority of my experience from previous families begin from the age of 3 months, to the age of 5 and 6. My first long term family lasted about 3 years which began from taking care of 1, then later on 2! They were bright, loving children and they have taught me everything I needed to know about being a great nanny and care provider. My responsibilities with them included preparing and providing bottles, diaper changes, change of clothing, assuring they have eaten breakfast, lunch, sometimes dinner, encouraging story time, balance play time and creative crafts, enforcing nap/bedtime training and following through with scheduling, attending daily classes such as music class, ballet, or even gymnastics. Also I attended on date nights if needed, which left me with the responsibilities to assure they eat their dinner, have them bathe and in bed ready to sleep at a specific given time. Apart from these duties it was also my obligation to also teach the development of basic motor and cognitive skills to infants and toddlers if needed to accomplish each milestone. With my first long term family of 3 years, I have taught and help pursue every milestone from tummy time, to rolling back and forth from their back to their tummy, to crawling, especially to walking. I also taught the great importance of safety inside and outside while playing in parks or playing among other children. This included encouraging kind behaviors such as how to share, how to treat others with care and kindness, and know from right or wrong in specific situations. In between all of these skills, the most important skill I value if coming across attending to children with any known particular allergies, or known illness. My first long term family I cared for required me to be very alert and attentive of what one of her children consumes and what to look out for when trying new foods and snacks. Apart of my duty was to always assure he had his own snacks, foods, and read every label when trying new things with the permission of the parent. I want to include I am very understanding how scary and concerning parents may feel about their caregiver addressing this properly as stated by the parents, or anything in particular that must be followed correctly. I strongly cater to everything said and expected of me when caring for children and have the knowledge and skills of working with an epipen if necessary, as well as overlooking every ingredient in foods, snacks, etc. before it is given when enforced. It is also very important for me to always also confirm with permission of the parent in regards to giving a child anything particular from food, snacks, toys, traveling to a specific area, etc. Further concerns of safety, I am currently EMT, child and adult CPR certified in case of any emergencies that occur.

My second long term family consists of the same many skills I have spoken upon however, I assisted a first time mom and was asked to give any advice to the best of my knowledge with infants with their growth development and skills when asked for opinions. Knowing these parents for some time as she knew I was well experienced with providing children's needs, She encouraged I assisted the family with sleep training skills, coping through separation anxiety from the child and parent, transitioning of feeding from breast milk to formula, the beginning of solid foods and helping with meal prep, as well as keeping up with daily improvement for motor development skills. Apart from these jobs I likely also assure whether it is asked to do so or not, I complete light house cleaning if needed and organizing to make the environment safer for the children I care for, but also to lessen the stress for parents when returning home. In case of concern in care of children, I also attended pets! Treating them as my own and provide the care if expected or me from providing food, treats and daily walks.

Overall, my connection and love for children is out of this world and I enjoy the job of nanny dearly. All of my attention goes to children when in my care, and I enjoy creating a fun, safe environment to building a strong, trusting bond. As I cater to my children, It is nearly as important for me to build a trusting relationship among the parents and family to assure them their child is always in great hands upon my care. Apart from my experiences as a nanny, my drive and motivation working with children encourages me to be better and do better as an individual because children are the future. While I continue to fulfill my long term goals to be a child welfare healthcare provider, I want to be able to use these experiences as a nanny from the good, hard, and bad days as there will always be those days and use the best of my knowledge to help those children who are in need of the assistance of a caring, loving and empathetic individual to provide them with their best needs to a safe, nurturing environment. I have learned through my 4+ years of experience being a part-time babysitter, to a full-time nanny has provided me with the gift to build strong patience, and even through my bad days, working with children is never one. It is in my strong interest to provide the best of my care to every family in need.

I have professional child care experience with...

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School-aged (K-5)

I will be SmartSitting while...

I am usually focusing on my studies, or spending time with my family.

In 5 years, I hope to be...

a Child Welfare Worker helping children in need of a healthy, safe, caring environment and hopefully build a family of my own some day.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children...

Activities I enjoy are arts and crafts, important life skills such as safety and treating others with care and respect, and enjoying any activity they want me to be apart of.

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