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Maggie S.


Univerisity of Michigan,
BFA Theatre Performance: Directing
BA in Comperative Literature

Childcare Experience

Au Pair
Brooklyn, NY, 08/20 - 10/20
Girl and Boy, ages 6 and 9

Madrid, Spain, 01/18 - 08/18
2 Girls and a Boy, ages 8, 6 and 2

English Teacher
Madrid, Spain, 01/18 - 08/18
Full classroom, ages 2-5

Camp Counselor
London, UK, 05/18 - 06/18
Ages 6-11

Springfield, IL, 01/15 - 05/17
One Boy, Age 2

Professional Experience

Artistic Director or Basement Arts
Ann Arbor, MI, 08/19 - 10/20

Ann Arbor, MI, 09/18 - 03/20

Operations Intern
Ann Arbor, MI, 02/19 - 07/19

Crisis Response Construction Site Leader
Houston, TX, 08/17 - 12/17

About me

I grew up in Central Illinois, the fourth of six kids! I have four brothers and a sister, so I'm very used to rambunctious and energetic households. When I was a child, I was super crafty and outdoorsy. I loved a good playground and dance classes. I was very energetic! Now, I'm in my final year of studies at The University of Michigan. I am working towards my BFA in Directing, and hope to pursue a degree as a Theater Director after graduation. I see Theatre and Arts Education as interconnected to early childhood education and childlike curiosity and play. Theatre, make-believe, and imagination are one and the same. This year, I'm taking a year off due to COVID. I'm hoping to revisit my love for teaching and children by supporting a family as a nanny during this crazy time of remote learning and working from home.

Childcare is in my blood! The Shea women all have a passion for young minds. My youngest brother is now 11, and is on the autism spectrum. We adopted him when he was three weeks old, and since then I have been his sister and nanny after school, on the weekends, anytime my parents were working. During High School, I nannied for my neighbors son, Jack. He was two when I started, and I was with them until my graduation. We would play outside, working on his speech, play in the pool, prep snacks and work on potty training. After High School, I spent a year in Madrid, Spain working as an elementary school English teacher and nannying for a family of 3- Marina, Vega, and Gabriel. I would have stayed with them forever if I could have! We would do swimming lessons, work on English, make crafts and cook together! Their family became a safe haven for me- teaching me the Spanish culture and language. Most recently, I worked for a family in Brooklyn. I assisted remote learning, prepared meals, and wrote supplemental lesson plans for their children's education.

Today, nannying is a different job! During COVID, I believe that what children are missing out on most is time with peers and play. My philosophy as a nanny right now is to get in there and play with your children, while integrating learning and education in creative ways.

I have professional child care experience with...

  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School-aged (K-5)
  • Preteen
  • Special Needs

I will be SmartSitting while...

writing! Since COVID, I've been enjoying writing essays, short stories, and plays. It's important for me to feel productive during this time off from my studies. My alone time and relaxation is super important to me! I love to go on long bike rides, sing and dance in my apartment, and I LOVE to cook!

In 5 years, I hope to be...

done with college and back in New York City! I'm a theater student, and while the theater industry is dead right now, I'm optimistic that in five years I can be apart of rebuilding it more ethically. I hope that childcare and teaching are still a big part of my life, however. It's hard to imagine myself ever leaving the classroom behind!

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children...

crafting, Spanish, and music- to name just a few! Crafts are such a fun way to have goal oriented activities. When you're done knitting, you have a scarf! You can see the pay off. I love to teach Spanish when out on walks or making snacks in the kitchen- a new language engages a child's brain in new ways, even if its just one new word a day! And- it's FUN! I love to introduce kids to new music, teach music, and let loose with some song and dance.

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