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Sylvia M.


San Francisco State University,
B.A. in Drama

Childcare Experience

After-School Babysitter
Manhattan, NY, 09/14 - Present
Boy, age 7

Part-time Babysitter
Brooklyn, NY, 03/14 - Present
Boy, 5 months at start

Full-time Babysitter
Moraga, CA, 09/12 - 10/13
Girl, age 1

Professional Experience

Manhattan, NY, 09/14 - 09/15

Brooklyn, NY, 03/14 - 08/15

Brooklyn, NY, 04/14 - 09/14

Manhattan, NY, 04/14 - 09/14

Moraga, CA, 09/12 - 09/13

Oakland, CA, 04/10 - 08/13

About me

I moved to NYC from Northern California a few years ago and I'm having a blast! I like that New York actually has 4 seasons, although during about February, I wish I was back in sunny California. I've continued to work as a nanny since moving here, since it's something I love doing and I'm good at. It's how I worked my way through high school, college and after, and it's allowing me to transition from one big city to a completely new one. I've gotten to volunteer and work in the arts since moving here, in preparation for when I can get a full-time job within that career in the near future.

I've continued to work with children for as long as I have since even though some of the routine is consistent on a daily basis, they're also not consistent on a daily basis. Each family, kid, even siblings, all have different personalities and modes of communication and it's my job to figure out how to work with them and work around certain situations. Once I understand a family's expectation of me and their child, and they mine, the day-to-day activities are easier. It amazes me how much of a person's personality is revealed at such a young age, and it's truly a magical thing to see as the kids get older and older.

I have professional child care experience with...

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School-aged (K-5)
  • Preteen
  • Multiples

I will be SmartSitting while...

At a museum looking at works of art and exhibit openings. I'm a huge fan of film and it's always great when I stumble upon a free screening, or watch a movie I have no idea what it's about. My friends and are love to picnic in the park with live music where we can dance, laugh and play cards.

In 5 years, I hope to be...

Working in the film industry. I'm currently working on ways to be a producer and I'm hoping in 5 years I'll be doing that or something related to film festivals. I love different forms of production and finding new film makers whose work I can help get out to as many people as possible would be a great achievement.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children...

Since kids are still learning new things daily about the world and how to navigate their little selves in it, I try to introduce new concepts to them through their imaginations. We live in a technology/screen-only world at the moment, and I try to get kids to think of creative ways they can spend their time besides playing on an iPad.

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