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Kelsea E.


American University,
B.A. in Theater
B.A. in Broadcast Journalism

Childcare Experience

Full-time Nanny
Annapolis, MD, 05/15 - 09/15
Two boys, Ages 5 months and 2.5 years

Washington, DC, , 12/14 - 07/15
Boy, Age 5 months

Nanny; Babysitter
Washington, DC, , 05/10 - 07/15
Boy, Age 3 months

Washington, DC, , 04/13 - 06/15
Girl, Newborn

Washington, DC, , 11/14 - 05/15
Girl, Age 3

Washington, DC, , 07/09 - 09/11
Boy, Newborn

Professional Experience

Washington, DC, , 01/11 - 04/15

Dance Instructor
Washington, DC, , 05/11 - 04/13

Washington, DC, , 04/11 - 09/11

About me

I have worked with and cared for children - from newborns to middle schoolers - for over 12 years. I grew up as a part of a large extended family, and was always eager to help out with my baby cousins. In high school, I babysat neighborhood kids. I also began substitute teaching dance classes for ages 3-6 years old around this time. Then I attended American University in 2011 with a double major in Musical Theatre and Journalism. Throughout college, I nannied and babysat for multiple families - this included experience with: infants, toddlers, elementary school age children, boys and girls, families with one child, families with multiple children, children with severe allergies, children with special needs, families with pets, families with dietary restrictions, and children who were sick. I have experience in administering medicine, as well as training in using an Epi-pen.

After graduating college, I became a dance instructor for children ages 18 months through 10 years old. I taught mommy and me classes, as well as classes for the children alone. Watching these children learn throughout the course of a semester was incredibly rewarding, and I always felt that for as much as I was teaching them, they were also teaching me.

I have had the most nanny experience with infants and toddlers (as well as siblings in this age range). My various responsibilities included helping maintain the sleeping and eating schedule parents had put in place; discovering ways to best soothe; learning likes and dislikes; administering appropriate medicines and dosages when sick or teething; feeding bottles, and then eventually solid foods (obeying dietary rules parents had requested); changing diapers, dressing, bathing, tummy time, encouraging crawling and then walking. I have also worked with children in elementary and middle school, and I enjoy helping with homework, as well as driving them to the various activities they have each week.

I believe that the energy and care I put into my time spent with a child, is equal to the joy and sense of fulfillment I receive in return. Being part of a child's life is truly a gift. I love dancing, singing, arts and crafts projects, board games, reading stories, going for walks and playing outside, trips to libraries and museums, and more. I am passionate about helping children cultivate and discover their creativity and imagination. Each childcare job I've held has been with a family I have felt lucky to spend time with - a privilege. I am always honored to be trusted and given the opportunity to have such an impact in a child's life at a young age.

I have professional child care experience with...

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School-aged (K-5)
  • Preteen
  • Teenagers
  • Multiples
  • Special Needs

I will be SmartSitting while...

I have a wide range of interests and hobbies, which I feel allows me to better adapt and change up the pace as a nanny based on how the child is feeling or behaving on any particular day. I love theater, live theater, whether dramatic or comedic. I enjoy live performances in general - everything from music, to dance, to spoken word, to acting. I love being a part of theater on stage, as well as being an audience member. Currently I am taking evening classes in Chelsea as the Atlantic Acting School on Monday through Thursday nights. I also love to read, and discover new authors and playwrights. I grew up dancing and to this day find a lot of joy in taking and teaching various dance classes - so much so that after graduating college I became a dance instructor for young children. When I can’t get to a dance class I also like group exercise classes. I am definitely a foodie, and find myself getting more adventurous as I get older. I love to travel and learn about other parts of the world and their cultures. I am also a writer, mostly of prose and poetry. I double majored in college, in Theater and Journalism, and in the spare time I have I try to keep up with my writing as much as possible.

In 5 years, I hope to be...

I see myself still living in and loving New York City. Living and working in NYC has been a dream and goal of mine since I was in middle school. I love to travel and explore other cities, but I never tire of New York. Five years from now I hope to be attending rehearsals and readings in the evenings for various theater productions; quite possibly with members of my own theater company. It would be amazing to be working for some of the theater companies I admire and look up to right now. I would love to be collaborating on and creating new and original work - whether it is dance or theater, or a combination of the two. I find that by cultivating my own passion for the arts, I am able to instill and inspire that passion in others through sharing. In five years, I still might be teaching a few children's dance classes every week, as that is also a passion of mine. I think it is important to encourage a fondness for the arts at a young age, and being able to be a part of that is really special to me.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children...

I feel I bring to the table a wide range of interests and activities when I nanny or babysit. I am quick on my feet and am a good judge of attention spans. I quickly learn what their favorite things to do are, and then introduce other activities I believe they would also enjoy. Everything from singing and learning the words to their favorite songs, or simply moving to music and playing with instruments (or pots and pans). I love to help and watch children paint and color - whether we are using coloring books, or blank pieces of paper to explore. It is always amazing to see them discovering their own creativity. I take them on walks, and to the park. Sometimes just being outside can soothe them or help them transition to the next part of their day. Often I have found classes at libraries to take children to, and I sign them up for library cards so we can check out new books every week. I love to play pretend/dress up, and help them create the story we are telling. I bring over materials for arts and crafts projects, activities involving colors and numbers, flashcards, board games, let them help me make their meals, help them learn to dress themselves, ride bikes with older children, etc. With infants I like to spend time on our bellies, letting them play with and reading books to them, playing music, helping them stand on their feet, actively playing with them on the floor or play mat, and eventually encouraging walking. I love being interactive with children of all ages.

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