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Emma M.


Kenyon College,
B.A. in Drama

Childcare Experience

Shaker Heights, Ohio, 07/13 - 07/16
Girls, ages 3 and 6

After-School and Part-Time Babysitter
Beachwood, Ohio, 05/14 - 07/16
Girl, age 7 and boy, age 4

Pre-School Assistant & After-School Teacher
Shaker Heights, Ohio, 08/15 - 01/16
Children ages 2-13

Camp Counselor, Supervisor & Assistant Director
Cleveland, Ohio, 06/08 - 01/16
Children ages 4-14

Cleveland, Ohio, 05/14 - 12/15
Girl, 16

Cleveland, Ohio, 07/15 - 10/15
Two girls, ages 16 and 17

Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 08/15 - 09/15
Girl, age 2

SAT and ACT Tutor
Cleveland, Ohio, 07/14 - 09/14
Boy, 17

Professional Experience

Casting Assistant
New York, NY, 03/16 - 07/16

Contributing Writer
New York, NY, 01/16 - 07/16

Artistic Intern
New York, NY, 01/16 - 03/16

After School Instructor
Cleveland, OH, 09/15 - 01/16

Religious School Teacher, 9-12th Grade
Cleveland, OH, 09/15 - 01/16

Pre-Primary Assistant Teacher
Cleveland, OH, 09/15 - 01/16

Camp Assistant Director
Cleveland, OH, 05/14 - 08/15

Camp Unit Supervisor, K-2nd Grade
Cleveland, OH, 05/12 - 08/13

About me

For as long as I can remember, I've loved working with children. When I was little and played pretend, I would imagine that I was a camp director or a kindergarten teacher or a principal. When I was eight, I wrote a musical to be performed by the children in my neighborhood. As soon as I was old enough, I was a mother's helper and birthday party assistant for our family friends, and then, when I was 12, I began working as a teaching assistant in my synagogue's religious school.

I spent a lifetime at my local Jewish Community Center's performing arts daycamp and youth theatre program, where I met counselors and directors who changed my life. When I was 13, I was asked to assistant direct one of the productions; I did, and working to help supervise that cast of over 100 2nd-9th grade students shaped the course of my life. I was hooked.

In the years since I assistant directed Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, I have been extraordinarily fortunate to be in the lives of many children, teens, and families. What began as an interest of mine has become a passion. I am so lucky to be an educator and someone who cares for children; I've been a camp counselor, pre-school teacher, babysitter, youth group supervisor, youth theatre director, camp unit head, nanny, tutor, camp assistant director, religious school teacher, and more.

I believe deeply that every child deserves to feel heard, valued, safe, and loved. Those of us who are fortunate enough to spend our lives working with children have a responsibility to build them up, to nurture and challenge them. To that end, my work with children is characterized by active listening, a lot of patience, positive reinforcement, and celebration of exciting growth milestones. I know I've done my job well when a child puts their face underwater for the first time, sings a song in front of an audience despite their jitters, makes a new friend at the park, or completes a really tricky homework problem with growing confidence. The lifelong relationships I've been lucky enough to develop with children, students, and families are one of the most important things I my life, and I bring my commitment to meeting children where they are and helping encourage their development to everything I do.

I have professional child care experience with...

  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School-aged (K-5)
  • Preteen
  • Teenagers
  • Twins
  • Multiples
  • Special Needs

I will be SmartSitting while...

Directing plays, reading, cooking with friends, working out, visiting my family (and dog!) at home and rooting for Cleveland sports teams!

In 5 years, I hope to be...

Directing youth and professional theater, championing women's voices on stage, and creating meaningful opportunities for children to be exposed to the performing arts in ways that challenge, nurture, and inspire them.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children...

My theater education background means I love to play drama and improv games, to interactively tell stories, to imagine and play pretend. Since I spent a lifetime at camp, I also love scavenger hunts, playing outside, and swimming. When I was young, my brother and I had a beloved babysitter who would choreograph dance routines and have us perform them in our basement, film movies with us, take us to parks and museums, cook with us, and do science experiments -- so those are all things I love sharing with children I work with now.

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