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About the Job

There is a 3-hour minimum for all bookings. You must compensate your babysitter for all hours booked, even if less time is used. We encourage you to book a shorter timeframe and request 1-2 hours of additional flexibility in the "additional information" section if needed.

Please review our sick care policy if requesting care for a mildly ill child.

By completing this form, you are confirming a 45-minute virtual session. The total cost for a typical session is $36.50, and this includes the SmartSitter’s rate, our service fee, and a credit card processing fee. If you are looking for a tutor or subject expert, additional fees may apply and we will contact you prior to confirmation.

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Please use the Additional Information field if you have any changes or special requests for your booking. For instance, will extra or fewer children be present? Are there any pick-up and/or drop-off times and addresses to note? Is your child home sick (if so, what symptoms are present)?

Your SmartSession can be either remote homework support or personalized interactive entertainment based on your child’s interests. Please include all pertinent information regarding your request below.

Please review our sick care policy if requesting care for a mildly ill child.

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Our on-call team operates on evenings and weekends and we’ll always do our best to make sure your last minute babysitting needs are covered.

Reminder: Temporary Booking Fees are charged for all requests submitted and are non-refundable. A last minute fee of $25 applies to requests submitted with less than 24 hours' notice and requests that must be filled outside of normal business hours. Cancellation Fees are billed if a booking is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled start time.

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