Open Full-Time Nanny and Part-Time Babysitting Jobs

 We’re a very selective network that receives some amazing full-time and part-time jobs. We are actively recruiting for the jobs below. If you don’t see a specific job that fits, please still apply, as we receive new opportunities daily. To join, please fill out our application or learn more about our screening process. We receive new full-time nanny jobs and part-time babysitting positions daily! Before applying, please review our qualifications.

Full-Time Nanny Jobs

dFTJJ111115: Full-Time Spanish speaking nanny needed in Chelsea for 10-month-old baby girl!

  • Ideal Nanny: Very dependable, engaged in the relationship with the child, involved in the little one’s development, can plan fun outings, is attentive, is attuned to parents’ needs (discipline, sleep schedules), has previous experience as a full-time nanny, flexible attitude if parents are running a little late one day, has or can build a local nanny network and arrange playdates. If you are bilingual in Spanish, this is a huge plus!
  • Schedule: Approximately 52.5 hours per week, Monday through Friday, 8 or 8:30 AM start time to 6 or 6:30 PM end time, usually 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM. Occasionally one or both parents will run late. It’s important that you are definitely available until 6:30 PM, and flexibility a little later just in case is hugely appreciated. The family can be a little flexible with the morning start time.
  • Kids: 10-month-old girl – She is funny and loving and warm. She loves to laugh. She’s a happy baby!
  • Rate: $20-$25/hour
  • Commitment: long-term, minimum 2 years, ideally multi-year commitment
  • Responsibilities: lots of quality baby time, baby related chores, errands for baby (the family has a housekeeper), arrange playdates
  • Additional Information: This family has been with us since their little girl was born. They are super loving and warm and positively wonderful people. They have a cat.
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dFTASJF122815: Full-time nanny needed in Montclair, NJ for 13 year old boys!

  • Ideal Nanny: Someone who can help with homework is a big plus, the ability to drive is a must (the family can provide a car if you don’t have a car), someone organized and flexible is a plus.
  • Schedule: Monday through Friday, 12 or 1PM start time until 8 or 9PM end time. The family may ask that you stay late maybe one evening per week. The typical week is 40-45 hours. If you are interested/comfortable staying over, the family may need some early morning assistance and school drop off assistance as well. This piece is flexible.
  • Kids: Twin boys, 13-years-old. Social, great at school, they’re pretty structured, they need overseeing with unpacking backpacks, homework, etc. One boy does horseback riding and can get a little more easily stressed out. The other boy is easygoing and he’s into tennis. Fridays, they have playdates until 7:30 PM.
  • Rate: $20/hour per hour, about $800-900 per week plus a transportation reimbursement
  • Commitment:1 year+
  • Responsibilities: Help with household things. When kids are in school laundry, food shopping, errands, school pick up (must be able to drive), transporting the kids to and from after school activities, homework help, dinner help, etc.
  • Additional Information: The family is really sweet and loving and wonderful. Single dad works in the city and will rely on the nanny. The family has a basement apartment which you are welcome to stay in during the week or full-time if you’re interested.
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Part-Time and After-School Babysitting Jobs

kASJJ121515: After-school babysitter needed on UWS with sweet 10-year-old girl!

  • Ideal Nanny: Looking for someone responsible, nice and, compassionate. The girl is interested in so many things, so the family is looking for someone who can really engage her and go along with her interests. Being a swimmer is a plus!
  • Kids: Girl, age 10, a very bright, sweet kid with a fabulous sense of humor. She is funny, engaging, super easy, and friendly. She can be sarcastic, cheery and ambitious. She is artistic, loves to paint and draw, sing, and make movies. She plays piano as well. Has two older brothers, but the position is primarily with the younger girl.
  • Schedule: The family is looking for help Monday through Wednesdays from 3:15 PM -7:15 PM, Thursdays from 3 PM-7:30PM, and Fridays 3:15 PM-6:15 PM.
  • Salary: $20-25/hour ($400-500/week gross)
  • Responsibilities: School-pick up for the youngest on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, transporting to various activities on the UES and UWS, running errands including going to grocery store, and picking up gifts or other items while the girl is at her activities. The family will always leave very specific instructions regarding these duties and where to find items.  Prepare dinner, oversee homework, be engaging and friendly. Help get daughter fed and ready for bed if parents come late. Be able to help with her homework and keep a tidy home and kitchen.
  • Commitment: Through June 2016
  • Additional Information: The family as a dog.

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dPTEA122915: Part-Time Babysitter needed in Park Slope for 1.5 year old girl! 

  • Ideal Nanny: Experienced with the age, someone who likes to play and engage with her, join her in her world a bit, act silly and playful, someone who likes to read to her, draw with her, is creative, and is comfortable with a friendly dog. CPR certification must be current.
  • Kids: 1.5 year old girl who loves reading, playing with problem solving toys, and going to the playground. She is very confident and playful and takes a 1-2 hour nap a day. She is a vegetarian and eats fish, has no known allergies nor special needs, although she hasn’t tried nuts yet. She’s a very active and good natured baby. She’s good with new people.
  • Schedule: Mondays, 12 PM – 5 PM, Wednesdays, 2 PM – 6 PM, and Fridays, 2 PM – 6 PM with some flexibility. The position could be Mondays plus any other two weekday afternoons. The afternoon timing could be 2 PM – 6 PM, 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM, or 3 PM – 7 PM. The family is happy to guarantee a regular weekly income. They can be flexible with timing and if you can be a little flexible here and there that is a big plus too!
  • Salary: $20-$25/hour
  • Responsibilities: Responsibilities will include reading, playing, feeding her, and going to a nearby playground for about an hour each day if the weather is nice. Otherwise it will be playing at home. Sometimes she’ll have playdates in the area. The mom is mostly at home, but working in the other room.
  • Commitment: Ongoing.
  • Additional Information: The position will begin 1/11 and they absolutely need help that day!

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kASJJ121515: Manny needed for flexible afternoons on the Lower East Side with 12-year-old boy!

  • Ideal Manny: Great sense of humor, be engaging, and have experience with children who are special needs. Someone energetic and funny who can make jokes with the boy and have fun with him. The family can be flexible if a conflict comes up on occasion.
  • Kids: Boy, age 12 with ADHD and mood challenges. He attends a special ed school in Yonkers, so his bus ride is at least an hour each way. He is very smart and funny. He has a quick wit and loves making jokes.
  • Schedule: The family is looking for help Monday through Wednesdays from 3:15 PM -7:15 PM, Thursdays from 3 PM-7:30PM, and Fridays 3:15 PM-6:15 PM.
  • Salary: $20/hour
  • Responsibilities: Meet the bus in the afternoon, snacks, homework and supervise. Take him to after school activities.
  • Commitment: Ideally through June 2016
  • Additional Information: The family is interviewing this week, and will fill the position as soon as they find the right fit. Also, the family has two cats for those who have to be mindful of allergies!
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kASKS121515: Part-Time Nanny needed in Tribeca (Wed-Sun) with 2 year-old-girl and three 3-months.

  • Ideal NannySomeone with newborn and toddler experience, even with siblings is a plus. Someone who is attuned to the needs of the children and can step in seamlessly to a mother’s helper or childcare role. Someone with a bubbly and fun personality, and who wants to have a good time with their little ones. Being open to working in tandem with family and another nanny is an absolute. They are a fun and easygoing family looking for a SmartSitter to join their team!
  • Kids: Boy, age 2. Loves swimming and music. Girl, 3 months. Sweet and smiley baby. Both easy going children. Very playful and social.
  • Schedule: The schedule is Wednesday, from 9 AM to 1 PM; Thursday and Friday, from 9 AM to 7 PM; Saturday, from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM; and Sunday, from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM. On weekends, there is the opportunity for more hours if dad is out of town; flexibility with this is a huge plus! August in Hamptons, 4 days/week there, similar hours.
  • Salary: $20-25/hour ($640-800/week)
  • Responsibilities: Working in tandem with the family’s full-time nanny and SAHM. Smartsitter would only be with one child at a time on most occasions. For example, they would staying with girl in morning while other nanny is with boy. Some of the time, mom would be home, so it would be a mother’s helper role – help with meals, clean up, bath time, children’s laundry, errands, etc.. Help with cooking would include making simple salmon, roasted vegetables, and homemade baby food, for example. Light housework to keep areas tidy and clean only. They have a housekeeper who comes every morning.
  • Additional Information: The position will begin as soon as 1/11. They will still have a baby nurse at this time, and would love someone to be able to begin working with them as well to go over tips and schedules for the baby girl. Interviews will begin Friday, 1/8.
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kASKS121515: After-School Babysitter needed in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn for fun 8-year-old boy!

  • Ideal Nanny: The family is looking for someone to engage their son both creatively and intellectually. Babysitter should be energetic and someone he can have fun with, someone who can introduce him to new foods and is comfortable arranging playdates.
  • Kids: Boy, almost 9: Curious, intelligent, interested in many things. He enjoys reading, audio books, music, Legos, soccer, and building things. He can be stubborn at times, but mostly well behaved. He can be a perfectionist, but super sweet. Likes building robots. He is a picky eater at the moment and eats plenty of pasta.
  • Schedule: The schedule is Monday through Friday from 2:45 PM to 6:30/7 PM, with occasional later evenings, and full days when school is closed (but not traditional holidays). Once in a while parents travel for work overlaps and they may ask sitter to stay overnight.
  • Salary: $20-$22/hour + $60 towards transportation monthly
  • Responsibilities: Pick up boy in Park Slope at 2:45 PM. Sitter will bring him home to Ditmas Park by subway. Routine includes homework, dinner prep, bath. No housekeeping other than straightening/cleaning up kitchen.
  • Commitment: Minimum through June 2016 +
  • Additional Information: The position will begin 1/11, and interviews will take place this week!
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kASJN12215: Part-time flexible babysitting job in Windsor Terrace with a baby girl!

  • Ideal Babysitter: Artistic, creative, engaging. Experience with infants is a bonus, sweet personality, outgoing.
  • Kids: Infant girl. She is a happy baby, eats, plays, sleeps, and likes the baby jungle gym
  • Schedule: The parents have flexibility within their work schedule, so there is some flexibility within the working schedule. The position can be:Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9 AM – 3, 4, or 5 PM
    If you want a forth day, Monday, 9 AM to 3, 4, or 5 PM can be added
    If you want to work five days per week, the family can do Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 3 PM.
    The position starts in APRIL, and there is flexibility to begin earlier for the right candidate. The family is looking forward to meeting with candidates right away.
  • Salary: $20-$25/hour
  • Responsibilities: Bottle feeding, diaper changing, playing, activities, keep her occupied, hold her, be there with her, reading books, play! There is a play area in the building. The position is baby centric as a priority. If you’re open to taking the dog out at lunch, this would be a big plus.
  • Commitment: Minimum 1 year.
  • Start Date: The position begins in April 2016. They have a dog.

kASJN12215: After-School Babysitter Needed 20 hours/week in TriBeCa with 3 fun kids! ($20-$23/hour)

  • Overview: A TriBeCa family with 3 kids is looking for a babysitter to join their team. They need help Monday to Friday, from 3 PM to 7 PM, with some flexibility in evenings. The family is willing to guarantee 20 hours/week.
  • Ideal Babysitter: The ideal SmartSitter is well organized, a good multitasker, fun, adaptable to a fast paced environment, and comfortable cooking and helping with laundry for the whole family.
  • Kids: 11-year-old girl (loves soccer, basketball, violin, classic oldest–a real leader, a second mom). 9-year-old girl (gymnast and violinist, a true spitfire, leader in her class, her main interest is in being with her older sister), 6-year-old boy (hilarious, takes karate and violin, everyone loves him and he is known as the mayor of the school).
  • Schedule: The schedule is Monday to Friday, from 3 PM to 7 PM, with some flexibility for late nights on occasion.
    In the summer, the family is away from July to Labor day, and ideally sitter could come out during week, if possible for a few weeks at this time. This availability is not required, but a huge plus!
  • Salary: $20-$23/hr, 20 hours per week guaranteed.
  • Responsibilities: The SmartSitter will help the parents with their fun and busy house, taking on tasks such as running kids around to and from activities and/or playdates, doing errands, helping with general daily cleaning, prepping dinner, and helping with laundry for the whole family. They have family dinner pretty much every night, and all eat adult meals, so being comfortable in the kitchen and willing to learn new things is a must. They eat very healthy and simple meals. It is also important that the SmartSitter motivate the kids to do their homework, practice instruments, etc.
  • Commitment: Through June 2016, possibly longer.
  • Start Date: The position begins January 11th.
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dPTLT122215: Part-Time (Mondays and Fridays) on the Upper East Side with a 3-month-old baby girl!

  • Overview: How do you feel about spending some quality time with a teeny 3-month-old baby girl, UES, Mondays and Fridays, 8 AM – 5 PM? This position is January through March.
  • Ideal Babysitter: Has a lot of infant experience, easygoing, communicative about what’s going well and what’s not going well, and CPR certified.
  • Kids: One girl, almost 3 months old. She’s a really good baby. She’s been sleeping 9-10 hours per night. She cries when she’s hungry or sleepy. She has 5-6 bottles per day.
  • Schedule: The core summer schedule will be Monday through Friday, 5 PM – 8 PM. When school starts it shifts to Monday through Friday, 2:30 PM – 5:30/6 PM. Some Wednesdays may be shorter as the father works shorter hours. The family may end up shifting the regular schedule to 4 hours/day.
  • Salary: $20/hour ideally about 18 hours per week (there may be some rate flexibility depending on your experience)
  • Responsibilities:  Watch and care for the little girl, including feeding, changing diapers, playing, taking her for a walk. Some light cleaning would be required. Singing, reading, talking to her, and nap time is also a part of the routine.
  • Commitment: At least through March, longer if the babysitter can make a longer commitment to this schedule.
  • Additional Information: Mom or dad may be home working in a home office.
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kASJW121515: After-School babysitting position on the Lower East Side with artsy 6-year-old girl!

  • Overview: We have a wonderful new family on the LES looking for an after-school sitter starting January 11th. They are a very warm and open family and looking for an extension of their family.
  • Ideal Babysitter: Someone who will continue to foster the growth of the girl through imaginative play, setting up playdates, reading, doing crafts, encouraging writing, and taking trips to the library or museums. A babysitter who will dream up his or her own activities to enjoy on a daily basis. They will gladly provide any supplies or other support to make your ideas happen. They are looking for someone open to arranging playdates, super responsible, artsy, into imaginary play, engaging, warm, loving, motivated and wants to get outside , comfortable on public transportation, and who knows when to be serious and when to be fun. The girl responds to physical play, arts and crafts, making up projects, someone active and engaging, jokes, and humor. They are looking for a positive influence.
  • Kids: 6-year-old happy, creative girl who loves to sing, dance, draw, write, read, scoot, make up games and be silly. After school, she takes ballet, chess, and stop motion movie/comic book making classes. She loves to sing, dance, play her ukulele, do crafts, play games, scoot, and read lots of books. She loves going to school. She is a loving kid, frequently giving hugs and holding hands. She has a lot of love to give and forms very close bonds with people in her life.
  • Schedule:  Monday through Friday, 2:45 PM to 6:30/7 PM. Someone flexible to work full days on occasion is a plus!
    There are times when the babysitter will be on call during these hours rather than with the girl.
  • Salary: $20-21/hour, 18.75- 23.75 hours/week, $375-498.75/week.
  • Responsibilities: The babysitter’s responsibilities would include picking her up from school (and camp in the summer) at 2:45pm and either taking her to her after-school classes or enjoying another activity with her at home, at the park, or on a playdate, until we return from work. School and camp are not far from the apartment on the Lower East Side. Household duties include keeping the girl’s room and toys clean and organized and generally help out around the apartment to keep things tidy. Some light food prep may be requested for the girl’s dinner.
  • Commitment: Through July 2016
  • Additional Information:  Because the child has serious food allergies, they are looking for a babysitter who can carefully monitor all food-related scenarios and take the proper precautions to ensure her safety. The girl is fully aware of her allergies, wears a medical bracelet, and has an epi-pen with her at all times. She can be her own advocate, but she does need someone to watch over her and double check foods she is eating. She will usually asks before taking any food.
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dFTBG12415 – Part-time babysitter needed on the Upper West Side for 2-year-old boy/girl twins!

  • Ideal Babysitter: Someone with a lot of toddler experience, twin experience is a big plus! The family is look for someone patient, gentle, loving and kind. Experience with developmental therapy is also a plus! The mom is looking for someone who can be a supporting person for her, who is also able to take charge when she’s not home, someone tidy and organized and proactive with tasks around the house. Staying healthy (clean house, clean hands, staying well, healthy food) is important to the family.
  • Kids: Boy/girl twin 2-year-olds. They are fun and happy, love being together, and attend their activities together!
     The little boy receives developmental therapy. Helping to take care of him requires a little more attention and care. He has approximately 25 hours/week of therapy (the little girl participates most of the time). Therapy is at home, with the exception of a few hours per week. Together the twins attend a drop-off program three morning per week.
  • Schedule: Tuesdays, 8 AM – 6 PM,  Fridays, 8 AM – 6 PM, two days out of Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Flexibility for occasional overnights, weekends, and vacations is a big plus!
  • Salary: $25/hour, 35-40 hours/week
  • Responsibilities: The position is working with the mom to split responsibilities between the household and childcare. The childcare portion includes helping with naps, meals, bath, and bed time, as well as engaging the children in fun activities. Household responsibilities include helping mom with getting through the laundry, making beds, and prepping meals – and grocery shopping if needed.
  • Commitment: 1 year + (longer if possible!)
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The above is a small sample of our currently open jobs. We are constantly looking for educated, experienced, and loving caregivers for full-time and part-time positions. Please fill out our application to join our network and be matched with your ideal position.

PART-TIME: TriBeCa, $20-25/hr, 32 hrs/wk, with boy, 2, and girl 3 months!