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Sick Care Policy

COVID-19 Policy

While our general sick policy is below, please view our COVID-19 policy. At this time we are unable to work in homes with any symptoms of illness.

View Our COVID-19 Policy

Families with sick children often need a last minute solution for their child who cannot attend school or daycare. With advanced notice, our professional childcare providers will provide care to mildly ill children, taking extra precautions such as wearing a face-mask, washing hands frequently, and carrying antibacterial soap.

We may not provide care if a child:

  • has vomited in the past 3 hours
  • has a fever over 102
  • is experiencing extreme pain
  • has a highly contagious illness or ailment such as, but not limited to: hand foot mouth disease, pink eye, the flu, lice, etc.

We require families to accurately represent the condition of their children's illness for the safety of our SmartSitters and the many other children and families they come in contact with on a regular basis.

Children who have seen or consulted with their pediatrician and have been on antibiotics for at least 24 hours are no longer considered contagious and may be cared for by a SmartSitter.

If a SmartSitter determines the extent of the illness is greater than what has been communicated by the family at the time of booking, the sitter has the right to leave the booking upon arrival and will contact SmartSitting immediately. SmartSitting will always make reasonable efforts to replace the sitter within the booking if possible, however, we ask families to be forthcoming with symptoms, including how many other members of the household are ill.

In the event of cancellation due to child related illnesses, regular cancellation fees still apply.

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