Louise C.


University of Vermont,
B.A. in Geography and Studio Art

Harvard University Extension School,
Continuing Education

International Center for Photography,
Continuing Education

Childcare Experience

Nature Place Day Camp Trip Leader
Chestnut Ridge, NY 06/14 - 08/14
Co-ed, ages 4-16

Manhattan, NY 02/13 - 02/14
One girl age 4-5, Two boys ages 6-7 and 9-10.

Substitute Teacher
Burlington, VT 10/12 - 02/13
Co-ed, Grades K-12

Special Needs Babysitter & Mother's Helper
Burlington, VT 08/10 - 02/13
One girl, age 4-6

Adventure Bound Wilderness Trip Leader
Ellsworth (travel camp), ME 05/12 - 08/12
Co-ed, ages 13-17

After-School Program Coordinator and Lead Teacher
Glenburn, ME 08/11 - 06/12
Co-ed, grades K-5

Professional Experience

Project Director, Picturing Wanteete
Kampala, Uganda 10/14 - Present

Urban Garden Site Coordinator
Bronx, NY 05/13 - 10/13

Specialized Community Support Worker
Burlington, VT 10/12 - 02/13

Co-founder & Managing Editor of Tarratine Magazine
Bangor, ME 08/11 - 08/12

Disability Arts Coordinator
Burlington, VT 01/10 - 03/11

Summer Camp Counselor & Wilderness Trip Leader
Fairlee, VT 05/09 - 08/10

About Me

Over the past eight years I have gained professional childcare experience in diverse environments, ranging from a private school to the YMCA, from Manhattan to the Maine Woods, and many places in between. More over, I have a lifetime invested as a caregiver for my younger sibling with Down Syndrome. Cumulatively, these experiences have taught me how to adjust activities according to age and ability, and how to positively provide the structure that is essential for children to thrive and discover their best selves. I celebrate children of all abilities and I am committed to an approach to care that connects kids to physical movement and the natural world. What I love best about working with children is the moments when I am able to help kids make a heartfelt connection to their environment and ignite their natural curiosity for life. Safety is paramount, but I also believe that an emphasis on creative play and exploration is equally important to a child’s development.

I am an artist, and right now I dedicate my free time toward the creation of fine art prints to showcase the project I created earlier this year in Uganda called Picturing Wanteete. When I am not babysitting you can find me in the photo studio, editing pictures and coordinating all the requisite details to pull of my first art exhibition in NYC. It is a show about the daily realities of life in a rural village in Uganda taken by the local people. During my time in Uganda I taught a collective of seventeen people analog photography and worked closely alongside them to co-create a documentary story about their community told through their own eyes. Now my job is to produce this work and exhibit it in NYC to raise money through the sale of their images for their community and other East African communities who face similar struggles, such as access to water and electricity. This work is hugely important to me; I put my whole heart into it!

I ride my bike for pleasure and for transportation as much as I can, and enjoy traveling to faraway places to go on outdoorsy adventures. Hiking and skiing are my two favorite pastimes. I also run, practice Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga, and eat whole foods to stay healthy and strong. I grew up in Maine and I am not afraid to get a little dirty. I adore farming and gardening and try to incorporate my love for the earth into my city life. In 2013, I worked on two urban agriculture sites in the Bronx as an intern for the International Rescue Committee’s (IRC) New Roots program, and with Eagle Street Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint as a farmhand. I continue to cultivate my photographic art practice through classes and a teaching assistant position at the International Center for Photography (ICP).

Certainly, I love keeping busy and have a considerable amount of energy to sprinkle throughout the city!

I have professional childcare experience with…

Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, School-aged (K-5), Preteen, Teenagers, Twins, Multiples (more than 2 children of the same age group), Special Needs

I will be SmartSitting while…

Producing and curating an exhibition / fundraising campaign to support an NGO called Spark MicroGrants and showcase the work I created and facilitated earlier this year in Uganda.

In 5 years, I hope to be…

Gainfully employed as a project manager or facilitator for a non-profit focused on empowering marginalized communities.

Activities & skills I love to teach & share with children…

Farming and gardening, Northeastern ecology, folklore and storytelling, cooking healthy food, baking delicious treats, arts and crafts, nature appreciation, silly songs, photography, one minute mysteries, scavenger hunts, map and compass skills, yoga, music appreciation, art appreciation and art history, classic science experiments, dancing and movement, unbridled curiosity and lust for life.