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Introducing SmartSessions: Virtual Homework Support & Interactive Entertainment

Families now have the opportunity to book a SmartSitter for a 45-minute virtual session. This can be either remote homework support or personalized interactive entertainment based on your child’s interests.

How do I sign up?

Submit an online booking form, specify in the Additional Information section that this is a virtual learning or entertainment session, and include your preferred activity. We will then process your request and the payment, confirm our top SmartSitter for your virtual session, and take care of compensating them for you.

What is the cost?

The total cost is $36.50 for a 45-minute session. This includes the SmartSitter’s rate, our service fee, and a credit card processing fee.

What if I am looking for help from a subject expert, like a tutor?

We can still help! Please include details about what you’re looking for in your request and include that you are looking for a subject expert. Subject experts typically charge a higher rate, so we will reach out with additional rate information before confirming someone with you.

Meet our Online Tutors, Entertainers,
and Homework Helpers!
SmartSessions with Dutch


Hi! I’m Dutch and I am currently a part-time teacher at an elementary school on the Upper East Side. I have experience as both an Assistant and Lead Teacher, working primarily in PreK through Grade 5, in both general and special education settings. I have also been a High School tutor where I work with students on college prep and entrance exams. With degrees in Dance (B.F.A.) and Public Health Education (B.Sc.), I love bringing my passion for the arts to education, and strive to make every learning experience as engaging and creative as possible. I can teach the following subjects:

  • PreK-Grades 12 (English/Reading/Writing/Story Time)
  • PreK-Grade 2 (Math/Science/Phonics/Pre-Reading)


I have been a part of the SmartSitting network for nearly a decade now and I am excited to work with new SmartFamilies now in this virtual capacity! I currently work with elementary school children and have experience teaching Creative Writing/Storytelling, Academic Writing, Reading Comprehension, Organizational Skills, and Homework help. I also teach clay-art, basic drawing and stop motion/film classes, however it’s possible my "tutoring" experience is the better fit for online learning. I would love to help more students online! I've done sessions via Zoom and Google docs and really enjoy it.

SmartSessions with Sarah-Jane
SmartSessions with Marcel


I recently graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with an Honors in Theatre, on the Dean’s List, and as an Honors Scholar. With a degree in “make believe”, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating and learning with your child. I could host dramatic storytime, a puppet show, dance party, private performance, and a whole bunch more! I'd love to do monologue/song coaching for any young actors and singers!

In addition, I’m available for a whole host of tutoring and mentorship needs. I can tutor in French, English (essays, etc.), basic Math, facilitate drawing lessons (with a personalized lesson plan), or even do some college prep for older kiddos! I’m a former college counselor, my most recent client admitted to Cornell ED. I also am available for organizational consulting – how to reduce the stress and clutter in your home spaces. Need to tackle that impossibly messy play room? I’m here to help. It’s times like these which seem to expose our day-to-day systems that might need some tweaking… Marie Kondo is my guide and I’m ready to go! I also do some General Mentorship – what are your personal goals? Let’s sit down and develop a plan! I have a lot of skills to offer, and can provide structure at a time where structure is lacking.

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