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  • Emily got to our home with a great attitude and full of energy, just as all SmartSitters do! She was perfectly comfortable with our 5-month-old little girl and within 15 minutes I had explained everything to her and was able to leave the house with our older girl. I left the house and thought-who else would leave their young baby with someone they'd just met? But of course Emily was great and experienced and so friendly. She really seemed to enjoy the girls. It was all so perfect and just another great positive experience with SmartSitting. As always, your team is the team a mom can count on!

    Julianna O.
    September 1, 2015
  • Erika is fantastic--she has great energy, lots of ideas, and has great judgment about what kids need as well as a teacher's poise. Our two-year-old asked Erika to spoon-feed her; another sitter might have said yes, but Erika (quite correctly) smiled and said, "I think you know how to feed yourself!" The kids had a great time with her and said they missed her afterward.

    Alex M.
    August 19, 2015
  • Amanda is by far our favorite sitter ever. She is on time, flexible, extremely clean and willing to tidy up any and all the time. She is genuine, caring, and has a very loving energy. She follows recommendations for care of my daughter very well and has a strong intuition about my girls' needs. If we could take her with us everywhere, we would. I highly recommend her and feel completely at ease when she cares for my daughter.

    Jessica O.
    July 23, 2015
  • Ariana is so incredibly sweet and totally engaging with my son. She is extremely patient and kind with him, speaks French but teaches as well. For example, he is now fixated on opening and closing doors. Ariana turned that activity into a learning activity with saying, "open the door" and "close the door" in French, along with "bonjour" upon opening and "au revoir" upon closing, and he repeated everything. What I also love is that when I am there and may be chatting, her focus is still on my son first and foremost. She engages him in activities such as coloring and art work projects, word and number boards and singing and running around. I just love her!

    Nathalie S.
    June 26, 2105
  • Anya is working out great. My daughter and I are both so happy to see her at our door each morning! It is so nice to have a helping hand and someone as smart, creative, and mild-mannered as Anya. She's a great fit for my daughter and gives me tremendous piece of mind.

    Jenny W.
    May 5, 2015
  • Erika was simply perfect. She was exactly the kind of person I'd hoped to leave my baby with for a couple of hours while I was visiting New York City for a conference. She was warm, caring, quietly confident, flexible, experienced and joyful. Despite never having met her before and being in the midst of teething, my daughter grinned happily when she saw Erika's smiling face and looked perfectly content in her arms when I picked her up. Apparently my daughter enjoyed getting to know the West Village from the carrier Erika wore her in, and then loved playing on a blanket in the grass in Washington Square Park. I was simply thrilled by the experience and also impressed and grateful with Emily's help securing Erika.

    Audrey P.
    April 24, 2015
  • Kellie is so great! She has very calm energy and she was so engaging and sweet with our infant son. She was also terrific with our 3-year old and really made him feel important by showing sincere interest in him and his games, toys, dramatic play, and general 3-year old pursuits. Kellie really showed her love for infants and ability to just roll with the punches in our home and we'd be elated to have her back any time. Punctual, kind, helpful, sweet - the whole works. She's just terrific.

    Maggie N.
    March 18, 2015

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