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We believe that the early years of life are the most developmentally important for intellectual, social, and emotional health. So when we meet with nanny applicants, we’re tirelessly searching for those who share our core values and believe that every moment spent with children is an opportunity to show love, support, patience, and understanding. Our emphasis on smart and engaged child care, transparent and open communication, and 365 day a year parent and nanny support sets us apart from other nanny agencies. If you’re serious about finding a nanny, let us help. We’ll take care of the time-consuming logistics and help you focus on what matters most for your family.

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Our Nanny Placement Process

We interview and thoroughly screen hundreds of nannies each year so full-time nannies, part-time nannies, and private educators are at the ready when you need them.

We get to know you, your family story, and your values, so we can use our industry expertise to recommend nannies based on your unique needs.

We guide you through the entire hiring process, from job description to nanny interviews and finalizing a nanny-family contract that allows you to move forward with confidence.

We provide you with industry leading resources on nanny tax compliance, having a nanny during COVID-19, and the overall child care market as it develops and evolves.

We give you back the one resource that families are always short on: time.

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  • March 15, 2021

    Anna L

    "Rae is delightful! She blended in with our family seamlessly — the kids really took to her, and she was able to develop a relationship with them quickly. I was impressed with how well she listened to both my children. She has a great energy about her. I also was very happy with how tidy she left my apartment after some messy painting and cooking projects with the kids! "

  • March 10, 2021

    Patrick A.

    "I’m always delighted to come home and see the house is looking better than when I left it. Shannen goes above and beyond and cleans up while the babies (twinfants!) are napping. She even made apple sauce for them today! "

  • March 02, 2021

    Elodie R.

    "Ashley, as always, was perfect with our two kids. It is a pleasure to know her. "

  • November 05, 2020


    "SmartSitting has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We recently moved and are expecting a new baby, and SmartSitting helped us find an extraordinary local sitter who is able to meet our evolving needs. The SmartSitting Team strikes a perfect balance of being both incredibly professional and also highly in-tune with the personal needs of their families. Very importantly, they are committed to COVID safety and matching families with wonderful sitters who are able to take similar precautions. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the SmartSitting Team!"

  • October 09, 2020

    Harlon A.

    "SmartSitting is a wonderful company from head to toe. I’ve gotten to partner with them for the last few years and I admire their deep devotion to the families they serve and the sitters they hire. My company, Chess at Three, also works with young children and parents, and I know the joys and trials of such a business. SmartSitting does it right. Always go with the company that has the heart of gold. And SmartSitting’s heart is just that, pure gold."

  • October 01, 2020

    Valerie B.

    "Rachel is so energetic, warm and bubbly; she was totally engaging for the kids and engaged with them. She played games, read to them, made dinner and was mindful of asking them to clean up. Such a huge help and just lovely to have around."

  • Christina R.

    "SmartSitting is an amazing agency. They are reliable, compassionate, extremely professional, and make you feel like you’re a part of their family! I’ve been working for SmartSitting for 6 months and they have been nothing short of superb. They are very proactive and provided me with all the information I needed to know to be fully prepared for all potential jobs. I would highly recommend this agency if you are a parent looking for a sitter or a nanny/sitter looking to be a part of an amazing nanny/sitter company!"

  • Katelynn F.

    "As a Smart Sitter, I have the opportunity to see the value of SmartSitting first hand! Their office staff is kind, timely, and extremely personal; no computer bots here! Each family I am paired with is unique and comes with their own set of needs, but my training and experience with SmartSitting allows me to feel prepared and well-equipped for each job. I will most definitely use SmartSitting when I have a family of my own. They are the top!"

  • Lucie A.

    "I started working with SmartSitting about 6 months ago and they have been nothing short of amazing. They are the most reliable and responsive company I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They are also all incredibly kind! If you're thinking of working as a sitter for them, DO IT! If you're a family looking for a sitter, do it through SmartSitting."

  • Alexander R.

    "These guys are the best pure and simple. I've worked with at least three other nanny agencies over the years and none of them even come close to delivering this level of client service. I've referred them to several friends over the years and always had terrific feedback. They are also differentiated among other agencies in that they can deliver high quality candidates for both full time and part time positions (e.g. weekend nanny). Can't recommend SmartSitting enough. "

  • Chloe W.

    "I just started working as a SmartSitter for SmartSitting and my experience is incredible. They are extremely helpful, caring, and truly help you find the perfect job for you. They are responsive and very professional with how they handle everything. If you are a nanny or a babysitter, I highly recommend this agency. They genuinely have your back and are always there to help. I've been a nanny for a long time and going through this agency, has made my life a whole lot easier and a whole lot better! Again, I highly recommend it. They are awesome!"

  • Jonathan C.

    "I have been favored enough to be a member of the SmartSitting family for the past 2 years and have sincerely never worked with a more professional, articulate, caring & savvy group of individuals. They continue to prove they always have their employee's best interests — I have felt welcomed, acknowledged, heard, and respected. Never once have I experienced neglect or passivity. SmartSitting is an undeniably trustworthy company and an ultimate asset for so many families. Their hard work continues to speak for itself — I can’t say enough positive things about them, because they have done so much for me and others alike. If you are a babysitter, caregiver, or family looking for an environment that will put your needs first, will extinguish their resources and go above and beyond expectations to fulfill them... SmartSitting is the place for you."

  • Marisa F.

    "As a SmartSitter, I have had a wonderful experience working with SmartSitting! I have been working with children of all ages in a variety of settings for roughly fifteen years, and the last two have been with SmartSitting. Every staff member I have had any exchange with has been enormously supportive with clear and consistent communication, and everyone is clearly dedicated to the work. I know I can always ask a question and get answers or assistance getting the answers. I strongly recommend SmartSitting as a nanny/babysitter, and can easily say the families I have worked with have been wonderful and an incredible fit both professionally and personally!"

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