Choosing a trustworthy and qualified childcare provider is the most important hiring decision you will make as a parent. At SmartSitting, we believe that nanny and babysitter hires should be treated with the same level of professionalism as corporate hires. All SmartSitters must pass an intensive 6-step screening process.

1.    Application

Candidates complete our extensive online application. Throughout the entire process, we evaluate candidates on the following criteria:

•    Educational background

•    Passion for working with children

•    Experience

•    Communication skills

•    Problem solving skills

•    Emotional intelligence

•    Reliability and punctuality

From the thousands of applications we receive each year, only 7 percent of candidates are accepted into the SmartSitting network.

2.    Interview

Candidates with exceptional applications are contacted to set up an in-person interview with a SmartSitting Director.

3.   References

After a successful interview, we reach out to at least two childcare-related references. Transcripts of these conversations are kept on file for families to review. Only candidates with stellar references move forward in our process.

4.    Background Check

All candidates must complete a National Criminal Background Check, which we keep on file for families to review.

5.    Communication

Throughout the screening process, each candidate’s written and verbal communication are assessed. We require SmartSitters to respond to emails and text messages within 24 hours.

6.   Placement Evaluation

After successfully completing all other steps, candidates are re-evaluated by a SmartSitting Director to ensure that they are best matched with families in our network.