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SmartSitting Partner: BreedLove & Associates

BreedLove & Associates

Breedlove is an affordable and comprehensive nanny tax service that provides total payroll management, effortless tax filing, and expert guidance and support. They are our go-to partner for all tax related inquiries and are always available to provide free guidance and resources as you consider hiring a household employer.

SmartSitting Partner: Broadway Crafts

Broadway Crafts

Broadway Crafts is all about combining the love of DIY/handmade items and Broadway shows! Most of the items made by Broadway Crafts come from (are made out of) recycled Playbills. Broadway Crafts also conducts special "Some Other Slime" activities for kids of all ages as well.

SmartSitting Partner: Chess at Three

Chess at Three

Chess at Three gets kids playing and loving chess through storytelling, starting at the surprising age of 3. The company has been working to equip children with learning tools and life skills since 2006. Chess at Three was founded by Tyler Schwartz and Jon Sieber. They have created a curriculum based on two key principles: children can learn anything through fun stories and anyone can teach through fun storytelling.

SmartSitting Partner: Children’s Museum of the Arts

Children’s Museum of the Arts

The mission of the Children’s Museum of the Arts is to introduce children and their families to the transformative power of the arts by providing opportunities to make art side-by-side with working artists. The museum has been located in the Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo since its inception. CMA's programming reaches many New York area communities and kids up to age 15. CMA has served hundreds of thousands of children and families, 27% free of charge.

SmartSitting Partner: Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

CMOM inspires children and families to learn about themselves and our culturally diverse world through a unique environment of interactive exhibitions and programs. Since opening in a neighborhood storefront in 1973, we’ve grown into a unique 38,000 square-foot learning facility with outreach programs at nearly 50 sites throughout New York City. Every week more than 80 workshops, classes and performances are offered free with admission to the Museum, deepening the CMOM experience with related literacy-based activities, diverse cultural experiences and the performing arts.

SmartSitting Partner: Cocoon


Cocoon is a home for families to navigate all their joys and challenges—together. Cocoon is a NYC space that offers holistic learning courses for kids and adults, and contains a nursery, private nests, co-working areas, childcare and event spaces, and more.

SmartSitting Partner: Fond


Fond helps organizations across industries strengthen their company cultures through an ongoing commitment to employee engagement. Fond helps companies create moments that matter for employees, sparking happiness today—and sustaining it for the long-term. Fond's easy-to-use and seamless platform enables all employees to quickly redeem corporate perks and rewards and send recognitions. With Fond's inventory of thousands of items, experiences, and rewards, employees have the power to choose exactly what they want.

SmartSitting Partner: The Great Charlini

The Great Charlini

The Great Charlini, children’s magician extraordinaire, has been entertaining and delighting audiences for over 20 years. He performs a high energy, comedic magic show that’s great for ages 3 and up. His children’s magic show is a unique blend of magic, improvisation, and audience participation. No venue is too big or too small! He has magically appeared in New York City, Westchester, Connecticut, and throughout tri-state area.

SmartSitting Partner: Legally Nanny

Legally Nanny

Bob King advises clients on hiring, evaluation, accommodation and termination matters; wage and hour issues; workplace policies, handbooks, agreements and contracts; and resolving client and business disputes. Bob serves on the Board of Directors for the National Private Duty Association, and as the General Counsel for the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies. Bob previously served on the Board of Directors for the International Nanny Association.

SmartSitting Partner: Little Pim

Little Pim

Little Pim is an award-winning series of videos, board books, flashcards, and music CDs designed to teach children up to 360 words and phrases. Little Pim’s award-winning Entertainment Immersion Method® is specifically designed to teach kids when they learn best, before the age of 6. The series is available in 11 languages and SmartSitting families and babysitters receive a special discounted rate.

SmartSitting Partner: The Nanny Doctor

The Nanny Doctor

Dr. Lindsay Heller, better known as The Nanny Doctor, provides families with step-by-step guidance through the entire nanny hiring process. From the initial consultation, through navigating the intense search, and finally to hiring, Lindsay stands firmly beside her clients to offer invaluable expertise. She also offers an extremely valuable service in that she helps families who already have nannies solve issues and concerns that may be causing tension in the home. As an outside, objective third party, Lindsay is able to assess the situation from all angles and provide a specific solution to the needs of the families seeking her help. While The Nanny Doctor is not a nanny agency, she collaborates with agencies all over the world.

SmartSitting Partner: The Neon Tea Party

The Neon Tea Party

The Neon Tea Party is on a mission to empower you to connect with your creativity through colorful, globally-inspired crafts. TNTP provides fun DIY ideas, craft supplies, and classes to help you make joyful items for yourself, your loved ones and your surroundings. Whether you’re looking to get crafty at home or with us, The Neon Tea Party has got you covered!

SmartSitting Partner: New York Cares

New York Cares

Since its founding in 1987, New York Cares has been committed to meeting pressing needs by engaging caring New Yorkers in volunteer service. New York Cares provides a centralized way of recruiting, training, and placing volunteers. The organization has inspired hundreds of similar organizations across the country. New York Cares is best known for its annual Coat Drive, but the organization run programs year-round, addressing issues like hunger, homelessness, educational inequity, and the environment. New York Cares volunteers serve in schools, soup kitchens, senior centers, public parks, libraries, and other nonprofits.

SmartSitting Partner: NY Metro CPR

NY Metro CPR

Jason Mundy, founder and lead instructor of NY Metro CPR, has held his American Heart Association instructor certification since 1997. He is also a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has worked in the health and fitness industry since 1996. Jason’s passion for teaching, coupled with his experience in the health and fitness industry, creates a hands-on, educational and enjoyable class experience. SmartSitting arranges monthly classes with NY Metro CPR for our nannies and babysitters.

SmartSitting Partner: Power Move Yoga

Power Move Yoga

Power Move Yoga's mission is to be a safe space for creativity and movement, support yoga teachers, and bring authentic joy to those practicing at home, while giving back to charitable organizations. Power Move exists to support, serve and bring joy. Donation classes can be any format that we offer, and serve the purpose of donating 100% of profits to charitable causes.

SmartSitting Partner: Ragidy Supreme

Ragidy Supreme

Ragidy Supreme performs magic shows at hundreds of birthday parties and special events throughout the year, pushing his act to develop his art into something truly unique and modern. Ragidy's versatility also shines when it comes to musical performance as well, having both composed scores for TV and recorded albums. He is truly “supreme” in all areas, spreading love and unity through magic, music, and wonder.

SmartSitting Partner: Rhythm Babies

Rhythm Babies

Rhythm Babies provides a music readiness program for little ones ages four months through five years, offering on-site and virtual lessons. This program enhances young children’s auditory senses, cognitive and musical skills through singing, rhythm, and creative movement activities. Rhythm Babies' focus is developing each child’s creative thinking by giving them imaginative musical tasks that expand their minds and form creative pathways in the brain. Small steps in development today lead to a solid platform for education tomorrow.

SmartSitting Partner: The Second Shift

The Second Shift

The Second Shift is on a mission to shift the way companies look from the inside by connecting them with exceptional women from the outside. The Second Shift is driven by our core values and is for women. As a women owned, run, and focused business The Second Shift embraces femininity without excuses and appreciates that it comes in many forms. Being a woman and being ambitious aren’t mutually exclusive.

SmartSitting Partner: Tyler the Magician

Tyler the Magician

Tyler Schwartz is a New York-based magician who is passionate about sharing impossible moments. Tyler’s magic is adaptable to events of many sizes and for all ages, from intimate cocktail parties and corporate walk-around events to special performances for kids.

SmartSitting Partner: Yo Re Mi

Yo Re Mi

Yo Re Mi combines three enrichment classes - music, yoga and mindfulness - into one effective and affordable class that enhances learning, encourages creativity and imagination, while promoting whole-child wellness. Yo Re Mi teachers provide a captivating program. If you are looking for a curriculum based yoga and music program with a warm and energetic staff that engages the whole child, Yo Re Mi is for you!

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