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Suzie Z.

Image: Suzie Z. President / Director of Operations for SmartSitting

I am the Director of Operations and co-owner of SmartSitting. After graduating from NYU, I worked with clients at some of the top advertising agencies in New York, gaining experience and understanding in marketing, copywriting, client relations, and the positive impact of a strong brand identity. I also worked alongside lawyers in an anti-trust litigation firm, which instilled in me an appreciation for details and a patience for sometimes unavoidable tedium. Focused on increasing efficiency within the confines of a high touch industry, I've spent my time at SmartSitting creating technological solutions that support the organization's administrative team while balancing the unique and personal needs of families, children, and the wonderful people that spend their time caring for them. When I'm not typing a hundred miles a minute, you can find me playing piano, snuggling animals, aspiring to do something crafty with a hot glue gun (but rarely succeeding), and spending time with my three favorite boys: my husband and two sons.

  • Image: Dara E. President / CEO for SmartSitting

    Dara E.

    President / CEO

  • Image: Suzie Z. Director of Operations for SmartSitting

    Suzie Z.

    President / Director of Operations

  • Image: Kirstyn V. Client Director for SmartSitting

    Kirstyn V.

    Director of Client Relations

  • Image: Kayleigh G. Billing Department for SmartSitting

    Kayleigh G.

    Billing Specialist / Social Media Specialist

  • Image: Collin C., Family and Events Specialist

    Collin C.

    Corporate Care Specialist

  • Image: Fiona B., Recruitment Specialist

    Fiona B.

    Recruitment Specialist

  • Image: Madeline N., Recruitment Coordinator

    Madeline N.

    Recruitment Coordinator

  • Image:Aria S., Family Specialist

    Aria S.

    Family Specialist

  • Image:Cherry R., Recruitment Coordinator

    Cherry R.

    Recruitment Coordinator

  • Image:Kristine L., Recruitment Coordinator

    Kristine L.

    Recruitment Coordinator

  • Image:Ellen C., Booking Coordinator

    Ellen C.

    Booking Coordinator

  • Image:Chris S., Booking Coordinator

    Chris S.

    Booking Coordinator

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