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5 STEAM Crafts for Kids

Winter is upon us, and we all know what that means: the amount of time indoors has just doubled. Trips to the park, playing at the playground, or any outside games are becoming more and more difficult to plan. Of course, spending time in the snow is a wonderful activity, but finding something to do while in the house can be a challenge. When trying to limit the intake of screen time, crafting is a great way to entertain your children this winter. We have put together a list of fun crafts that are both creative and educational activities to help entertain kids on those cold, frozen days. 

Mini Lid Banjos

This simple craft is an easy way to introduce your children to music. These Mini-Lid Banjos are the sure fire way to have some fun indoors. With the ability to tune rubber bands and play a simple melody, your child can find their creative outlet by strumming away with their very own banjo. With a few household items, this might be a great afternoon activity to find the singer-songwriter within your child. 

Egg Drop

This perfect parachute is a fun way to get the children up and active with their crafts. By testing how the eggs in a basket fall without a mess, this Egg Drop activity shows children how gravity works. With everyday materials, this is a very easy craft that can occupy a free day. 


This craft explores both a creative side and an academic side. The Whirlygig is an exciting item that kids can make in just a few minutes but will entertain them for hours. With the possibility to explore and create new designs, the Whirlygig shows how momentum affects the color spectrum by spinning it on twine. Each Whirlygig is unique and is perfect for families that have multiple children. 

Galaxy Jar

The age old experiment of combining mixtures into a jar to see what happens will always fascinated a young mind. This Galaxy Jar recipe shows a specific way of incorporating paint, glitter, and cotton balls into a fun filled jar that will stretch the imagination of any child. This other worldly craft is customizable, easy, and fun for a cold afterschool day.

Balloon Lungs

For the more advanced crafters, your children will become the next top cardiovascular surgeon after learning about how lungs work with this craft. The Balloon Lungs give a glimpse into the human body by showing how humans breathe. Most likely, the items needed to create these lungs are already in your house. Take a deep breath while your kids entertain themselves with this scientific experiment.

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