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At Home Remedies to Avoid Sickness

It’s been a wild year for public health, and we’re just getting started. We know there are very real and scary feelings out there with regards to keeping our families safe from the coronavirus or any other illnesses! Trying some home remedies to keep everyone healthy is a great way to calm those anxieties and teach our children the importance of good health practices. We’ve collected our favorite home remedies here for you to try out!

Rest is best

Getting 9-14 hours of sleep each night will help your child’s immune system stay in top fighting shape! A good bedtime routine can help your child go to sleep faster and get in all that good rest they need. We love reading bedtime stories (away from screens) before bed so that you can send your child off to sleep relaxed.

A spoonful of honey

One spoonful of honey before bed can help soothe any night time coughing that might hinder your child’s ability to rest. Some studies have shown that honey is as good as any over-the-counter cough drop. If your child isn’t interested in a spoonful, you can always mix the honey into some warm water with lemon for a yummy bedtime treat. Please note that honey is not generally considered advisable for infants under 12 months. 

Songs for hand washing

Washing your hands with warm and soapy water is one of the best ways to ward off any bacteria or virus we might be bringing home. It’s also important for your child to wash their hands often as those little fingers are often close to their face. Make hand washing fun by singing your child’s favorite song with them while scrubbing those germs away. You can sing “Let It Go” over and over or try a new song specifically for hand washing! 

Fun fluids

Keeping your child well-hydrated is important if they are fighting off a bug, but it’s easier said than done to get them to drink enough water. One fun idea we love to help get those fluids down is to make your own popsicles. If you use a decaffeinated tea such as a fruity hibiscus or raspberry, you’ll get the same color with much less sugar. Fill up an ice tray with your chosen tea or juice, place some saran wrap over the top, stick toothpicks in the middle of each cube and freeze!

Get your greens

Eating immune-boosting foods can help strengthen your child’s immune system. We all know that leafy green vegetables are important (we like them in a smoothie!), and there are many other foods that are helpful too. Yogurt, kefir, lean meat, and walnuts are all great foods to help boost their sickness fighting ability! 

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