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The Best Gluten-Free Holiday Recipes

The increase in awareness of gluten intolerance has affected how many families think about and prepare meals. The holiday season can make things extra difficult when your family is surrounded by holiday sweets and treats typically made with gluten. From rolls, breads, cakes, and vast amounts of cookies, it may seem daunting to avoid all of the delectable goodies. To make things run smoother for you this holiday season, we put together a round-up of our favorite gluten-free holiday recipes that will make navigating parties, family get-togethers, and other holiday traditions a breeze. 

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Bacon-Veggie Quiche

It’s a holiday break, the kids are off from school, you are home from work, and everyone sleeps in just a little bit. The perfect, easy way to make the day start off on the right foot is this Bacon-Veggie Quiche recipe. Invite friends or family over to share your delicious breakfast/brunch with or make room in your fridge for leftovers as this recipe serves eight! 

Christmas Fruitcake

The Fruitcake is one of the most iconic cakes of the holiday season, but it does have somewhat of an unpleasant reputation. This recipe is a reinvention of the holiday classic and will show you there’s still hope for a tasty fruitcake. With only a 30-minute cook time, this might be perfect for your busy schedule. 

Almond Butter Blossom Cookies

Craving cookies? The almond butter blossom cookies are super easy to make…and slightly addicting! In one blink of an eye the entire batch can disappear. This recipe is gluten-free, paleo, vegan, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, plus it travels well in a container, so they’ve definitely earned a spot on Santa’s nice list!


One of the most versatile baked goods during the holidays has to be the biscuit. You can have it with gravy, fruit, scallions—basically anything you can think of! With this recipe, you can have ready made gluten-free biscuits at a moment’s notice. With five ingredients, this is an easy way to make sure breakfast, lunch, and dinner have a delicious side that pairs well with any meal. 

Gingerbread Cookies

The one and only gingerbread cookie is a quintessential part of the holiday season. From houses to people, the cookie can be shaped into any design you want. Not only is this recipe gluten-free, but it’s also dairy-free. Making these cookies can be a fun activity for all members of the family.  

Pie Crust

Pie crust is the foundation to the ending of a great holiday meal. Though you may be stuffed to the brim, a pie is the perfect cap to any meal. No matter what you put in it; pumpkin, pecan, oor apple, this recipe will make sure that your pie satisfies every person at the table. 

Sugar Cookies

The timeless family or friend bonding experience of decorating your sugar cookies is not to be missed. Not only are they a sweet treat, but they are also a perfect gift. Help your kids express their artistic side (and maybe get a bit messy) with this recipe sure to deliver great cookies for all of your decoration needs.


And finally, the mother of all temptations. The one food item that is too hard to resist: the roll. For any dinner, this side is easily the best. With a little butter, what could be better? This gluten-free free recipe is the best way to stay away from gluten and still enjoy the festive meals. 

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