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How Our Core Values Serve Us During COVID-19

By Suzie Zeldin, Director of Operations

If you’ve spoken to me at all in 2020, you’ll know that this year I have been all about SmartSitting’s core values and using them as a lens through which I approach every interaction in my professional life. Whether I’m speaking with a family, a babysitter/nanny, or a colleague in our office, our core values have given me the confidence to navigate any situation, positive or negative, and feel really, really good about my approach. 

Now, more than ever, we’re all faced with challenging situations and difficult decisions, many of which require you to communicate openly, despite it being uncomfortable. These are our core values, and we believe that checking in with them before and during a difficult interaction can make a massively positive impact. Sometimes the best way out is through, and if you’re going through, take these with you.


Be present in the moment and give your attention to the conversation fully. Texts, e-mails, and alerts on your phone should wait until after the moment has passed. Be there with the person you’re speaking to, and ask yourself what accountability you can take in the situation at hand. Take responsibility for your contributions, always considering how two people can perceive things in different ways.


Be flexible and open minded knowing that when it comes to childcare, things can change instantly. While boundaries are incredibly important in certain moments, rolling with the punches, staying cool, calm, and composed in all situations and conversations also serves you well in a relationship. Show flexibility to the people you are interacting with and see what you can give that will help the other person. 


Think about what you can do to support the person that you are talking to, even if they are frustrated, upset, or angry. Help them see that despite the difficult circumstance or conversation, you want to find a way to support them. Offer solutions through positive, empathetic, and considerate communication and action. Look at things from all perspectives, imagining what others are thinking, feeling, or worrying about and support them in ways that seem meaningful to them. 


In every situation, show the other person that the relationship you share is meaningful and that your heart is in preserving it, protecting it and finding peaceful and amicable ways forward. Bring wonder and curiosity into the conversation by asking thoughtful questions and reiterate your desire to be supportive. 

Openness for Improvement

Illustrate your willingness to learn from the experience and to find an even better way through the next time. Have a thirst for knowledge, a desire to be better today than yesterday, and an openness to receive feedback, positive or negative. Find ways to use any and all the feedback to improve, leaving defenses at the door if they don’t serve the situation. 

I hope our core values help you as we all navigate these challenging times. Our team would love to hear your thoughts and own core values, so tag us on Facebook and Instagram with your ideas! Want to learn more about our core values? Sign up for our newsletter!

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