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Beat the COVID-19 Learning Slide

Our friends over at The Tutorverse shared with us how parents can prevent their child from falling behind in school as COVID continues to affect education. Check out their advice below.

Many parents are anxious about the impact of COVID-19 on their children’s education. The full extent of this impact is still unknown, but it is likely that it will have lasting consequences. Make a plan now that includes supplemental education to help unlock your child’s potential and ensure your child doesn’t fall behind.

A Need for Extra Support

Schools and school boards are working hard to protect and support students and staff. Yet, in this constantly changing situation, administrators just can’t seem to get ahead. There is a need to constantly revise safety plans, manage staff, and balance different requirements. This leaves little time and even fewer resources to improve remote learning. As a result, we’re already seeing students are falling behind.

Avoiding the “COVID-19 Slide”

Many parents are already familiar with “summer slide,” which is when students lose knowledge over the summer months. A 2015 study found that between third and fourth grade, students lose almost 20% of what they gained in reading skills during the school year and 27% of their gains in math. Between seventh and eighth grade, students lose about 36% of their gains in reading and 50% of their gains in math. 

Students can miss out on the building blocks of learning when they are not engaged or getting individual attention. When students lack foundational skills, they won’t just fall behind a few days—they may stay behind for years. Considering the damage caused by a couple summer months, it’s troubling to imagine what percentage may be lost during the pandemic. Supplemental learning can save students from backsliding by ensuring they stay engaged and interested in the material.

Know Where Your Child Stands

Additionally, some schools may lack the resources to accurately gauge how far ahead or behind students are in their learning. As benchmark testing is cancelled or postponed, we lose the ability to measure student mastery. This makes it difficult to tell how students are doing compared with their peers. This information is especially important when it comes to admissions testing. When you don’t know where your child stands, it’s hard to make informed decisions. 

Fill in the Gaps with Supplemental Learning

Some schools may not be able to provide information about where your child stands and what they need. Therefore, investing in personalized support is necessary to fill in those gaps. In supplemental tutoring and classes, qualified instructors can provide students with instant feedback when students are already actively engaged in the material. 

Additionally, tutoring, classes, and books can help you gauge where your child is versus where they should be. This means your child will not have to struggle to catch up for years to come. Knowing where your child stands will empower you to make informed decisions on how to guide and support your child in their educational career. 

Engagement Is Essential

What many schools currently provide is considered passive screen time. Digital learning can still be effective if your student is taught using active screen time. The Tutorverse offers digital classes that are engaging. Instructors provide one-on-one support in the moment. 

Instruction is meant to kindle creativity and foster a love of learning. Students miss out on that experience without guidance or individualized attention. Even the strongest student can benefit from the personalized support and feedback that comes from supplemental education.

With New York schools now closing, it’s more important now than ever before to prioritize their education. If you have any question or need help managing childcare during this tumultuous transition, reach out to our team. For the latest information on childcare trends and news, make sure to sign up for our SmartInsights newsletter.

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