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Fall Camping Tips for Families

Fall is finally here, and after a summer amidst a pandemic, it’s the perfect time for some outdoor time with your family as a little reset. School is stressful for everyone, whether your children are participating in virtual learning, in-person schooling, or homeschooling. So why not take a weekend this fall while the weather is still manageable and venture into the great outdoors? Here are some tips for your family, whether you’re a seasoned camper or this is your first time camping in crisp conditions. 


While the days during the fall are much more comfortable in terms of the heat, when the sun starts to set, it will be much colder. That is why layers are super important when you are planning what to bring on a camping trip. More clothing needs means you’ll have a bigger load than a summer trip, so you may want to allow each child to have their own small camping/hiking pack. This will also help them learn accountability for their things while you are on your trip. Make sure you bring lots of extra blankets too!

Picking a campground

During the fall, you are probably working around your children’s school schedule and your work schedule, so make sure you pick a spot close to home. Then you don’t have to worry about sitting in the car and eating away at your outdoor time! If you have children that are scared to sleep outside, or you want to test the waters, you can also try camping in your backyard if you have one. When you do feel comfortable venturing out, you may be surprised just how many campgrounds are near your home. Try out a national park near you!


There are endless activities you can organize for a fall family camping trip. Of course, you have to have s’mores on the list! You can also try out pumpkin decorating, but instead of big pumpkins and knives, opt for little pumpkins and paint or permanent markers so you’d don’t have too much to carry. There are also some great and kid-friendly ghost stories you can tell around the fire that won’t keep your children up all night. You can also collect colored leaves and a stick and make some wall decor to preserve some memories of the trip, like the example pictured here. Also, be sure to take advantage of the weather and the smaller crowds by going for a long hike or a nature scavenger hunt as a family. 

Make sure you practice safe camping practices too! Always have a small first aid kit handy, rain jackets or ponchos in case the weather takes a turn, and make sure you know what kind of wildlife you may see during your trip. 

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