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Halloween Fun While Babysitting

What do you love about working with your SmartKids?

I could be biased, but these are possibly the smartest, most adorable boys on the planet! They are very affectionate and have a curiosity for life that us adults would be jealous of. I always look forward to the next time I’m going to see them, they are pretty irresistible!

You’re so artistic and talented in the face-painting and cookie decorating departments! What was your favorite part of getting the kids into the Halloween spirit?

Probably that they were so excited. They wanted to do all the activities at one time! Mom definitely got them jazzed for their day of Halloween activities before I arrived, and I got to see all that excitement come to fruition. I always loved that my mom was artistic and shared special moments with us kids growing up, so it was really fun being able to share my artistic talents with my SmartKids.

How do you get your SmartKids as excited on any old regular day?

I’m always trying to remember what I liked to play as a kid. When they are tired of books or toys, there is still so much we can do with our imaginations.  I try to remember all of the make believe games that I used to like growing up and incorporate them into our everyday routines.



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