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How to Know if a Sitter is Right for Your Family

Hiring a new sitter can be stressful, even after you’ve interviewed them. Are they going to fit in with your family? Will your children feel comfortable and happy around them? Sometimes the process of making sure a sitter is the right fit for your family continues after you’ve hired them.  To help make the process of adding a new member to your child’s care team as smooth as possible, we’re sharing our advice on what to keep in mind as your babysitter or nanny gets acclimated to your family. 

Know and share your expectations

We all have different expectations of what we want and need from childcare providers in our home. Some expectations, such as keeping our children safe and happy, cleaning up after them, showing up on time, and being engaged with our children are pretty basic and universal. However, other expectations might be more unique to your family. For example, some families prefer to receive text updates while the sitter is with your children, while other families prefer that the sitters phone be away the entire time. Be sure to communicate your expectations early on, so your sitter knows what to expect and you can get on the same page. 

Talk with your children

This is key! How do your children react when you tell them the sitter is coming? Great sitter relationships mean that your children will be super excited to see them. They’ll also be sad to see them go and ask you when they’re coming next. Checking in with them after they’ve spent time with the sitter to ask them what they did, what they enjoyed, and what they talked about will help clue you into what their relationship is like. You should be feeling confident that your children are well taken care of, in a way that you feel is appropriate and fun!

Monitor how the household appears after they leave

As we mentioned above, it’s a universal expectation that sitters should be cleaning up after themselves and the kids. So if your house isn’t as clean as when you left it when you get home, there may have been a miscommunication with your sitter. If you notice the house is in a disarray, touch base with your sitter on your expectations and encourage them to get your children involved in cleaning up together.

Pay attention to your sitter’s enthusiasm

When your sitter arrives at your home, are they excited to see your family? Ideally, they should seem pleased to be spending time with your kids. While it’s certainly a professional relationship, we find that when it’s a good fit, conversation flows easily and openly. They will remember what’s going on in your family’s life and are interested to hear more! 

Trust your gut

Above all else, remember you know best. IIf something feels off, it probably is! This relationship is so important for your whole family. Making sure that it’s as close to perfect as it can be is absolutely the way to go. Good sitters can be tough to find, but once you’ve found a great fit, it will be so worth it for your family. 

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