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Motherhood and Work: Interview with The Second Shift’s Jenny Galluzzo

At SmartSitting, we’re passionate about highlighting companies that help women, particularly moms. We recently had the opportunity to connect with Jenny Galluzzo, the Co-Founder of The Second Shift to learn more about the incredible work her team is doing to make the workplace more accessible to women. Jenny shares her business’s journey below. 

SmartSitting: For our readers who are unfamiliar, can you please explain what The Second Shift is?

Jenny Galluzzo: The Second Shift is a women’s empowerment platform. We focus on diversity and executive recruiting, community events and skill building, and providing flexible job opportunities through our vetted talent marketplace. 

SS: What led you to start The Second Shift? 

JG: I was a journalist and when I had my first child I realized I wanted to continue to use my skills but in a different type of role. I found it hard to figure that out and heard from other women they also found this to be a hard transition. I knew that there was a talent pool that was side-lined by family needs but would be a huge benefit for companies that were progressive enough to see that value. My partner Gina and I created a marketplace that is based on transferable skills so women and businesses can think outside the box when they are looking to hire expert talent. 

SS: Can you provide a brief explanation on how The Second Shift works?

JG: Women apply for membership in our network. We have a 4-step vetting process and once you are accepted we provide you job leads, back-end support as well as skill building community events. For businesses—you post a job and you are matched with superior talent who will pitch themselves for the role. If you are interested you can reach out through our platform, set up interviews, and then hire top-level women. We work with the companies to do all the back-end grunt work to make this as seamless as possible for both sides.

SS: How has being a mom influenced the work you do for The Second Shift?

JG: I definitely understand the family needs of our members—in my role I interview a lot of the women entering our network and I hear their stories and realize there is so much need and gratitude for the service we provide. This company is an actionable way to solve a major issue for women and families and I like being part of the solution. 

SS: Who should become a member of The Second Shift?

JG: We are currently serving women with backgrounds in marketing, finance, creative, legal, and web services. We grow into new areas as we see the need shift from clients and that matches available talent. If you have that background and at least 8 years of experience and have not taken more than 2 years out of the workforce, you should apply! 

SS: How can The Second Shift help moms who are looking to reenter the workforce?

JG: We are not a re-engagement platform, but we definitely understand the needs of women who have taken a longer time out of the workforce. We provide a list of companies who are focused on solving that problem and have a one-sheet with tips on our blog. If you get fresh experience, we encourage women to come back and re-apply! 

SS: What are your top 3 tips for maintaining work/life balance?  


  • Recognize you will have to say no to things and be okay with the choices you make. Every day is a different calculation of priorities—some days you will be more parent than worker, some days you will not make it to pick up. It’s impossible to do it all and be successful at anything. 
  • Understand that life is chapters and you should not make big life decisions (like quitting work entirely) based on a small chapter of time (like having small children). Your family needs will evolve and some chapters are easier than others. 
  • These are hard choices and nobody said it was going to be easy…Cut yourself a break and make sure to have time for yourself.

Thanks to Jenny for participating in our interview. If you’re interested in applying for The Second Shift, you can get started here.  Make sure you sign up for our newsletter for more information on our partners!

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