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Meet our February SmartSitting SmartStars!

As you know, we love to rave about our rockstar sitters and nannies in the SmartSitting network. SmartSitters provide invaluable help to our families. They have faced the challenges of being essential workers in the last year with grace, creativity, and strength. 

Last month, we introduced you to our SmartStars program. This is where we recognize and reward those caregivers who work for families through our partnership with Bright Horizons backup care. The SmartStars program lets us highlight our hardest working caregivers, as a thank you for all they do. Our tiered system sends these sitters a cash bonus each time they reach a new level: Shooting Star, Constellation, Zodiac, Galaxy, and Supernova. For instance, one of our January SmartStars, Kyla K, has already leveled up to Constellation! 

We are thrilled to present to you our February SmartStars. We are so grateful for all that they do and so proud to have them in the SmartSitting network. 

If you are interested in booking one of our SmartStar sitters, reach out to us today. But best act quickly, these SmartStars get snapped up fast! 

Madelin G.

SmartSitter Madelin G

I grew up on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic. When I was a child, I enjoyed biking around our town with my older sister. We also enjoy playing “street” games with our friends. I graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a BA in International Studies. Since then, I have worked as the partner program coordinator at the Third Street Music Settlement. 

I helped my mother raise my two younger brothers and have been babysitting for many families since high school. Children are so created, and we have invented educational but fun games together. I like how active kids demand me to be, and I have also helped kids with Spanish homework. I currently work with a department that partners with the Department of Education. One of our partnerships is to provide professional development for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers. By attending the workshops, I learn about child development. I add the different teaching strategies and creativity to the care of children. 

I am the family member who is always with the children at family gatherings. My mother tells me “you have sweet blood for children” (children always like you). I am also an aunt of three children (a newborn, a three-year-old boy, and a six-year-old girl). My care for children is summed up in this thought: the way I treat a child is the way I treat his generation. Any child that I had the opportunity to care for, they always carry a little bit of “me” with them.

Jennifer C. 

SmartSitter Jennifer G

I was born in Queens, NY, but grew up in Providence, Rhode Island with seven siblings. Growing up I loved the theater. I swore I was going to be on Broadway one day. When my son was diagnosed with Autism, I threw myself into caring for him in every way I could, which has helped me with the work I do and love now.

My very first job was babysitting. I’ve always loved kids, even at a very young age and have made it my career. There are too many regular families to list here. I love each one of those kids as if they were my own. I have experience with children with special needs, and I’m willing to learn any skills I may need. Already, I know the ASL alphabet and some signs.

Watching a child’s face light up when they learn a new thing is wonderful, and I especially enjoy helping them learn a new thing. I want to be a person a child can seek when they are sad or hurt or just wants to tell me about their new toy. This isn’t just a job for me. I genuinely love all of my kids as if they were my own and that’s exactly how I treat them.

Gillian B. 

SmartSitter Gillian B

I am a current student at Parsons School of Design, where I am working towards becoming an art educator on an elementary school level, pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Art. After this, I plan on receiving a teaching certificate. Originally from a small town in New Jersey, I worked frequently at local elementary schools providing after school care and art lessons. I have been babysitting and working with children since I was 14. 

I have been working to familiarize myself with childcare and education throughout my career experiences and have been a camp counselor and a teacher. As a counselor, I took responsibility, as well as got myself involved with activities with the kids. I am an active and energetic person and participate with children to establish myself as not only a leader but also a friend to them.Currently I am teaching myself how to cook, and I enjoy baking with kids. Through my work, I have been surrounded by wonderful children with bright ideas. Being a camp counselor allowed me personal interactions and I was encouraged to get involved and join in all of the events the children went to.

Jordan R.

SmartSitter Jordan R

I grew up in Massachusetts with one younger brother that I babysat regularly, graduating from UMass Amherst with a BA in Theater. I enjoy arts and crafts and the performing arts, and have since I was a small child. When I moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn, I hit the ground running with my theater work and getting into childcare. I love to approach working with children with a sense of fun, empathy, and creativity.

My experience includes working as a residential counselor, paraprofessional, summer counselor, and teaching artist. Many of the youth I worked with in residential care or as a paraprofessional were coming from trauma backgrounds (many through DCF) and were diagnosed with mental illnesses and behavioral disorders. Additionally, I worked 1:1 as a paraprofessional with a student on the Autism Spectrum. Working with this clientele of youth in particular I have experience with therapeutic care, special education, and am certified in Trauma Informed Care. 

I love working with kids because it’s challenging, rewarding, and fun. I love geeking out with kids on trips to the park, museums, board games, cartoons, arts and crafts, cooking, DIY projects, music, science, history, and performing arts. Most importantly, working with youth is important because they teach me just as much as I teach them, particularly patience, love, and empathy. The creative way that kids are able to look at the world is a synergistic exchange and has informed so much of my approach as an artist and educator.

Shykaylia A.

SmartSiter Shykaylia A

I was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, as the youngest of three siblings. Growing up, I enjoyed rollerblading, volleyball, painting, and anything related to nature. I am studying to achieve an AAS degree in Surgical Technology. Then I plan to move on to get my BA in Health Science and complete a Surgical PA program, where I will assist in saving and improving the lives of many children.

I had an affinity for children at an early age and have 12 years of experience with children, incluing working with children in a classroom setting as an infant teacher assistant. Through play, I helped children reach their developmental goals with creative, stimulating activities, which included exploring textures in a treasure basket and stacking with nesting bowls. My most recent job was as a nanny for 3 years of twin girls currently age 4. I encouraged the girls to be creative with stimulating activities such as painting, coloring, reading, and exploring outside. 

I enjoy biking, traveling, meeting people of all different cultures, Sci Fi movies, and the outdoors! My goal is to provide children with a fun, fulfilling, and enriched environment. Children are a delightful gift, and we must encourage them with love and compassion to always reach for the stars!

Shanele W.

SmartSitter Shanele W

Shanele is the first SmartSitter to reach our third tier, the Zodiac level, having worked 300 hours through Bright Horizons in 2021 alone, and we are proud to send a $300 bonus her way!

I grew up in Jamaica and have 4 siblings whom I love very much. As the older sibling I was always the one taking care of my younger siblings and helping them in any way I can. I attended Borough of Manhattan Community College where I was studying to become a Nurse.

I’ve been working with children ages 2 to 11 both as a part time babysitter and full-time babysitter. I would take toddlers to the park for daily strolls and picnics. We talk a lot and they would listen to me read or sing. We would play color hunt and animal footprints.

I am a people person: loving, caring, honest, patient, committed, and dedicated to whatever I set my mind to. I try my best to provide the best care as I can for children and provide a safe environment. Caring for my siblings is one of the many reasons I wanted to be a babysitter/nanny. Being around kids can bring one so much joy, we get to learn new things everyday.M y favorite thing about being a nanny is the ability to be an integral part of a child’s development. It’s so rewarding to see a child grow while in my care.

Kaitlin O.

SmartSitter Kaitlin O

Working with children in various capacities has been a huge part of my life for the last 10 years. It all began when a new neighbor needed a sitter for a date night, and the rest is basically history! My journey in childcare began with babysitting for various neighborhood families and  transitioned into sharing my love of theatre as a camp counselor in theatre camps all throughout high school. I was able to help teach choreography, music, and basic theatre skills while also helping children collaborate and work together. I got to revisit working in theater during graduate school in London, where I had the honor and privilege to participate in Shakespeare workshops designed for school aged children in England.

Additionally, I’ve had the good fortune to be able to work for the Walt Disney company, bringing to life some of their greatest characters for children and families from around the world! I’ve loved being able to take stories and characters that are so dear to me and share them with the guests who come to visit. I’ve always found great joy and pride in engaging and interacting with children. I look forward to many new and amazing experiences through SmartSitting.

Congratulations to all our SmartStars!

Do you think you have what it takes to become one of our next SmartStars? Do you love working with kids and have great experience as a caregiver? Fill out an application online today!

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