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Manny Monday – It’s All About Lars!

It’s Manny Monday everyone and we’d love to introduce you to a fantastic one! Meet Lars!

full time nanny

Lars is a creative, well-educated manny with an extensive background in theater, music, and visual arts. He gets much of his inspiration from his mother, who has been a music teacher for almost 20 years. Lars is equally passionate about literature, dance, history, sciences, and sports.

Lars is devoted to meeting the expectations of parents, while also maintaining a fun, safe and structured environment for children. He’s a self-proclaimed neat-freak and enjoys the transformation of a dirty space into a clean and organized one. Oh, he’s a good cook too! Most recently, Lars has worked with boys and girls, ages 10-13, and has professional experience with children of all ages. Click the button below or read more or send an e-mail to team@smartsitting.com if you’d like to inquire about Lars right away!

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